2018 Service Selection

Are there annual stats on how many pass/fail after they graduated?
For example SWO is high and either SEAL or Pilot low?
I have never seen data on this. I know SEALs publish data overall for attrition rates for BUDS. Probably a current Mid could provide some insight into the current talk about how successful USNA grads do at BUDS. We had half the amount of slots ‘back in the day’ and had about a 90% success rate at BUDS. I asked a buddy the attrition rate for flight school and he mentioned they usually are around 20% drop rate. They can ebb and flow though. He didn’t have any separate stats for USNA grads.
Looks like approximately 30% of the class went pilot.
I tried looking in the acronym list for these but could not find them. I'm guessing they are restricted?

CEC -4
CW -17
IP- 4
Looks like approximately 30% of the class went pilot.

Pretty typical. The numbers for pilot and nfo are actually a little lower than they have been for the past few years. The word that came down a few months ago is they would be taking fewer people for aviation because the pipeline is so backed up, and it seems that was accurate.