2nd Nomination

Congrats! I have to believe things are looking good with two noms... but you never know. I know she is prepared with backup plans.. because Dad wouldn't have it any other way. Is your hotel booked for DS's commissioning in May?
Good evening Kinnem. Things are looking good indeed. She held her application back to take the CFA again. She excelled on the first but the pull-ups hurt, the 2nd time she excelled again and got the pull-ups she needed. The application will now go to the board.

She is also waiting on NROTC but with the tier 3 she knows she is in some deep water. Her “C” & “D” plans are also good to go. They only thing she is working on now is scholarships and staying on top of her current responsibilities at school. She can relax now!

Hotel is booked and we can’t wait for the commissioning. I feel very fortunate to be able to render that first salute. He is ready and excited to get to his first command. He is going to go for an LPD. It would be great if he ran into your DS

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