3 Year Changed to a 4 Year


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Feb 8, 2018
My DS received a 3 year Army rotc scholarship after second board (Jan/Feb 2018). It sound like after 3rd board some 3 year offers turn into 4 year offers. Does anyone know how often these 3 year offers turn into a 4 year scholarship ?
I see in some forum threads that students are awarded 3.5 year scholarships once on campus, how often does that occur?
Are there any items that we could add to his file that would increase his score?
We are super excited but are just curious about these aspects as we move forward.

I can't speak to the 4 year offer coming after the third board, but my ds received a. 5 year upgrade once on campus. It was mostly from a great attitude and rocking the PT test. If you come in committed and serious about a career as an officer you have a good shot at receiving an upgrade. Now this also depends on how the battalion allocates their money as well, so the larger the battalion the tougher the competition. Congratulations and good luck!
Congrats Irish! For us, my DS also received the upgrade to 3.5 years during his first semester. It seems the most important key points to achieve this are to maintain a strong GPA (at least 3.0), do well on the APFT (shoot for 270+) and stay engaged in the program. My DS was able to be part of Color Guard, competed in a Spartan race (which included a day of volunteering, as well) and participated in everything ROTC related his schedule would allow.

There were several MS1's competing for the upgrade at his school, and not all of them were awarded it. So stay engaged and be competitive. This will be just as important later on with placement on the OML.

Good luck!
Agree with the above comments.

While allocation of funds may vary by brigade and battalion, the best way to optimize your chances is max the APFT, perform well academically, and most of all have a great attitude.

My DS was a scholarship "walk-on" cadet back in 2015. He was notified by November of his Fall semester that he earned a campus based 3 year AD. By January of 2016, the Cadre upgraded him to 3.5 year.

It is best to go in prepared to pay for that freshman year tuition. That way, if the scholarship does not happen, you will not have to transfer out!

Be aware that how an MS-I treats his/her upperclassmen may be a factor. Now that my DS is an MS-III, he has been asked by Cadre for his opinion on which MS-I 's had the best attitude.

Congratulations and good luck to your DS!
3AD scholarships are only upgraded to 4YR if all the 4YRs haven't been accepted/awarded. I don't know the numbers, but a few are converted every year. As far us .5 YR upgrades that varies by Battalions and Brigades. If the scholarship is upgraded it takes away another scholarship that can be offered to a Freshman that year. So a lot of schools won't offer the upgrade as they want to be able to award an additional scholarship.
The best advice is to make sure you can afford that first year without the scholarship. Your cadet may do all the things suggested and not get an upgrade due to things outside his control.
DD received 4 year to one school, but not her first choice. She is working with ROO at first choice to try to transfer scholarship there. I read here that it is possible, though certainly no lock. I get the sense that the ROO as well as the Major at this school are very supportive of this attempt, so that might help, I don't know. She is also still waiting to hear from WP, she had an LOA , nom etc., but ran into a stumbling block with Dodmerb and we are waiting to hear about waiver approval. So, we have to move forward with the plan B, which is a good one with the 4 year. If she doesn't get cleared, she still plans to attend this school and ROTC, with the hope of reapplying to WP, for the following year. We feel that the medical thing will get cleared, but maybe not in time for WP. Might be cleared in time to take advantage of the ROTC though. She got a very nice scholarship to the school as a student, so we are prepared to pay the extra for the one year. Lots of moving parts, including when and whether to book air to summer orientation at this school.........If she gets the WP nod, then I will have $800 of airfare to do something with..............Just another piece of the waiting game, but a costly one.
My son attends an SMC (class of 2020). In his MS1 year 10 out of 69 3 yr AD were upgrade to 3.5.
They were notified via email over the Christmas break