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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by BigBillNY, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I apologize in advance for this one. I could not find the answer on previous threads.
    DS won a 3 year scholarship to both Syracuse and RPI. His HS had a program offered by SU that allowed him to earn Syracuse credits that are completely usable. He will have 12 credits the first day he steps on campus.
    So, technically at the start of his second semester he could be considered a sophomore. Is the 3 year scholarship based on academic standing (credits completed) or is it strictly based off the calendar? My gut says the latter.
    Also, does ROTC still fund a semester abroad? DS is hoping to do a semester overseas to keep up his language skills (Mandarin).
    Thanks again for your help!
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    Even though the scholarship awarded is 3 years (congratulations!) the AROTC curriculum is a 4 year program. I do not think your DS can graduate in 3, so the first year looks like it's on you guys. He could be upgraded to a 3.5 depending on how he ranks in the battalion. My DS began school with all his gen. ed. requirements met via AP classes so the college recognizes that technically he can graduate at the end of his Junior year...but not AROTC. A minor or second major could be an option for your DS if he wanted to take advantage of his credits. My DS did a semester abroad second semester MSII year, AROTC paid tuition and fees, we paid room and board. He received book money and stipend while abroad and applied for CLIP money which has been less than reliably paid.
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    I would also say even though he has the credits and the school has accepted them many times they make it so the student can't graduate early by offering a specific course required for the degree only one time a year. IE my DS is a bio Chem major. Orgo I and II are required. Orgo II is only offered in the fall. So for my DS even with AP Chem validation he would still be unable to graduate early because he did not have orgo I.

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