4/c Get "Carry On"


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Jun 9, 2006
Congrats to the 4/cs at the USCGA...they have finally gotten "carry on" as of yesterday...so those of you with friends their they'll start showing on AIM, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Also no squaring, bussing, or bracing up.

AWESOME! Good job 4/c! Seems like such a long time they go through what they do. Wonder if they'll run around squaring corners out of habit. Its a happy week-end for them for sure!
I think the squaring meals was the worst. Makes so many kids almost stop eating because it is such a hassle. Just another thing for a mother to worry about!

I can hear the change in his voice since they got carry on....it means so much to take this next step as far as privilages. They all seem to be looking forward to their summer adventures. I hope finals go well for all of them.