4 Year Army ROTC Scholarship Chances?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jk1673, Jan 22, 2013.

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    So if you spend a lot of time on this forum, you'll probably notice I asked this question before. Haha so not to be annoying, but after talking to people about it, I decided to include some details and activities that I didn't before think would have been important and make a new post about it. So here it is:

    3.7 Unweighted GPA
    Top 10% of class
    1948 SAT Score (694 cr, 611 math, 643 writing)
    7 AP classes by graduation, 3 AP tests taken and passed
    705 on US History SAT subject test
    Both past years varsity tennis team and letter winner
    Participant in Pensacola Florida Jubilee 5k Run
    Model UN Club Captain
    Foreign Language Club Member
    My Town's Student’s “Darfur Dream Team” lead Organizer
    Equality NC Campaign Canvasser
    Swansboro Public Library Student Volunteer
    “Friends of Rachel” Club Member
    School Representative for County Government "Close-Up" Program
    2 year part time waiter

    College Choices: Univ. West Florida, Univ. North Florida, Univ. South Florida

    Current high school junior. Thanks!
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    First you should have at least 1 if not 2 in-state choices on that list. NC State, ECU or UNC. Don't care which but it should increase your odds of a scholarship (or even App State?). Or are you in Florida now and your NC activities took place in the past?

    I would say you're competitive but without knowing AP scores or at least weighted GPA and maybe even which AP courses I couldn't say much more. Leadership could be stronger. SATs are good but could be better. I'm sure you're taking them again.

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