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Nov 20, 2007
I know that if someone were to go to a non-surface warfare community after graduation that you have to serve more than 5 years, but I've heard different numbers on how many more years. If you decide to go to flight school or BUD/s after commissioning, do you go to train for the 2 years each takes and then do 5 more years, or do you train for 2 years and do 5 years and then 2 more on top of that?
Thanks for the help.
I can not speak for BUD/S but I know with aviation the time starts after you graduate flight school. I know for the MC (no idea if it apply to the Navy as well) but the commitment is different based on the type of aircraft though I don't remember the numbers. It was rather logial though, fighter pilots and rotary pilots have the longest and cargo/transport with the shortest obligation.
Back in 1991, IIRC, pilots had to serve 7 years after getting their wings. It added up to about 9 years total.

That's what my roommate ended up doing.
Z is right. The general requirement is 5 yrs. In my day (earlier than Z's), pilots had to do 5 yrs after earning their wings of gold, meaning it was about 6.5 yrs for helo pilots and about 7 for carrier-based fixed wing. However, it may have changed.

Also, med school students have an additional obligation as well, the time depending on whether they go to USUHS or a civilian med school.
Now, this may be just a rumor........ get it? RUMOR ONLY! ....... but I seem to remember a while back hearing that they were thinking of upping the minimum commitment to 6 years.

Anyone know if there is any truth to that? :confused:

Going back down memory lane (which is strewn with potholes, so be warned), I remember that the guys who went to medical school generally had the longest commitments (for obvious reasons), followed by USMC NFO's and Aviators (something like 9 years after wings), followed by USN NFO's and Aviators (7 years after wings), followed by everyone else (5 years).

I do not recall any additional commitment add-ons for nuke, SEAL, etc.
A few things. I haven't heard about the increase to 6 years - especially when they were asking guys in my class for early out, but hey, you know how that works.
To the original poster, best bet is to ask your Blue and Gold Officer. He should have the updated numbers. But, for aviation for NFO's it was about 1.5 years flight school and then 6 years after wings, so about 7.5 total. Pilots are about 2 years for flight school +7, so about 9 total. I suppose it's possible you could finish flight school early if you were lucky, but most will finish within a couple of months of the 1.5 (NFO) or 2.0 (pilot) years for flight school. For example, my NFO class was delayed for 3 months because of a downed fleet of aircraft. I got paid to got to the beach daily in sunny Pensacola, FL.