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    November 28, 2007

    Several members of the Class of 1959 returned to the Academy last evening to join with their 50-Year Legacy Class, 2009, at the annual Second Class "Back from Sea Dinner." The dinner is an annual event where the returning B-Split Second Classmen gather in Melville Hall with the Academy Senior Staff and Academy Train Representatives to tell stories about their two-trimester (8 month) sea year training period. As part of the recently added 50-Year Legacy Class Program, members of the Class of 1959 were invited back to Kings Point to interact with 2009 and swap sea-tales. This event provided the midshipmen with an insight into the merchant marine of 50-years ago and afforded the older alums an opportunity to learn about the merchant marine and Academy training of today. In attendance for the Class of 1959 were Jack Ring, Jim Sanborn, Ken Stevens, John Ginna, Charles Norz and Richard Wirin. Some of the future events that 1959 will share with 2009 are their Ring Dance, 1/C-Alumni Luau, June Ball and on Graduation Day where 1959 will hand out Ensign/2nd LT collar devices to 2009 as the cross stage with their diplomas, licenses and commissions.