60 Days out from Commitment

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    With no personal background in military, is there anything I should be discussing or confirming with my DD prior to this incredibly important milestone? We were a little surprised when she choose this path but really seems to be thriving and fully focused on serving.
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    I had the discussion with DS two years ago the summer before he was obligated to the Army ROTC scholarship contract.

    I asked him:
    • Was he happy thus far in ROTC?
    • Did he understand what warfare really meant?
    • Was he prepared to payback the monies if he was disenrolled?
    • Did he understand that the Army would rule his direction for his service period?
    • Was he prepared to take full responsibility for his decision?
    It was worth having the conversation but he was adamant about serving so he owned the decision.
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    You seem to have already confirmed the most important thing: that USAFA is her choice and not yours. Those who leave SAs voluntarily, especially early on, tend to be those who didn’t want to be there as much as their parents wanted them to be there. Best wishes to her.