60% of Dodmerb applicants do not pass?

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Sep 27, 2008
Jul 17, 2020
It could also be argued that current foreign policy makers have different priorities than those of the past that have eroded the military culture (of rural areas). Before my son sat for his BGO interview he read and reviewed the Marine commandants 2030 plan. A lot of projected changes in that plan and truly a lot of unknowns.
Exactly what in your opinion has eroded the military culture of rural areas? Seriously I’d love an example or two?

And the same for the commandants 2030 plan——just one or two actual examples of what caused you or yours these problems?.

IMO people can always find reason not to serve. Those who never serve, and that is now most US citizens by a lot, all have reasons why they won’t or did not serve.

But then, we even needed a draft during full blown world wars and Vietnam.

We needed a draft because those with other priorities and those afraid of getting hurt by the millions found ways or tried to find ways to avoid serving even during times of great combat for our country.

trying to avoid serving is nothing new. It’s in our dna.


Dec 17, 2021
And then there's my 16-year old, who if he doesn't have his medication can't stay on task and focus enough to get anything done, especially schoolwork.

It's interesting to watch how proper use of a medication actually has a beneficial part. Ritilan/Concerta/etc. have the opposite effect on him then most people. They actually settle him down and allow him to stay on task. He is night and day when he doesn't remember to take them.

He's obsessed with the Army. Told him he'll never be able to join because of his mental health conditions. He knows that, but still likes to dream.
That was my eldest. Luckily for him, and perhaps your kid, plenty of ways to serve in GS land. Different in many ways for sure, but still as valuable.

I credit my wife the SpEd teacher for showing my kids that light.