7th semester grades


Mar 6, 2017
Hello all!

Am I able to wait till I get my 7th semester transcript to submit my application? I want to make my application more competitive by raising my GPA/class rank (As of now, my GPA is 3.8 weighted). I know by next year, I can significantly increase my GPA by at least .1-.3 quality points.
At SLE they told us that the application will close by January 22. If your 7th semester transcripts are available by then you'll be able to submit them. However, in an email exchange my Field force rep wrote this:

"You should expect your file to open on or about 1 August. You should make
every effort to complete your application file (100%) by 30 September. One
of the first documents you should upload is the candidate essay since this
drives so much of the remaining objectives of your file."

I believe you can submit the 6th semester transcripts and then submit the 7th semester later on down the road. I'm not entirely sure about this though.

Hope this helps!
I would not wait. The academies will begin offering appointments (LOA) in September. Every day that your application is not in, you will not be selected. It's understandable to want to present your best package, but they will know what classes you are taking.

The farther you get on school, the harder it is to raise your gpa. It's doubtful that the 7th semester grades will make much of a positive impact.
You should complete your application in the fall. You do not need to have it completed August 1st, but you need to make it a priority. You have to complete a good portion of the file before the academy will schedule your medical review and this can take time. While a few individuals get offers in the fall, most candidates start getting offers in February. You cannot be officially qualified until everything is complete and this includes DodMERB. If you have any issues with waivers or remedials, it could be March or April before everything is completed.

I also agree that your 7th semester transcript will not change your GPA or class rank enough to really matter in the application process. Mathematically, it is almost impossible to raise your score with only one semester. Also keep in mind, that your class rank is probably more important than the actual GPA number reported by your school. Admissions will ask for your 7th semester transcript to add to your file when the time comes.
At SLE they told us that the application will close by January 22.
Are you sure you heard that correctly?
The Application deadline for years has always been the last day of February.
But - Admissions can certainly change the date. Just curious if you are positive of that deadline date.