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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by adamandre1998, Oct 14, 2015.

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    I received a message on the dashboard of my Army ROTC Scholarship application that stated I must complete my PMS interview by October 13, 2015 in order to be considered at the first board. I completed my interview the morning of October 13. If the PMS that interviewed me doesn't put it in ON October 13, but the date on the sheet shows completion on the required date, will I still be boarded?

    My guidance counselor feedback says "sent". I'm assuming this means my counselor has not yet completed their part- will I still be boarded without this completed?

    If everything goes well, I am boarded, and I receive a scholarship at the first board, I have 30 days to accept the scholarship. I am also applying to the USAFA, the AFROTC scholarship, and the NROTC Scholarship (marine option), and I would rather go air force, and I will not receive my other scholarships until after the 30 days is up. Will I lose my scholarship if i do not accept within 30 days??
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    I can only answer the last question. Yes, if yiu don't respond within the 30 days you lose the scholarship. However, you can accept it as you are not legally committed. If a better opportunity comes up such as an Academy appointment or a scholarship for a more preferred service, you can accept that and then decline the other (even after you accepted it).

    Trust me, this happens all the time.
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    When accepting your scholarship offer you will also need to list the school you are applying the scholarship to. Odds are most do not know acceptance status this early unless they went early admission. But seeing as most first round AROTC really are the best of the best they have very high odds of being accepted at most if not all their schools (excepting the top 1% of schools where all applicants are stellar.) Having said that AROTC has a process to transfer scholarship if necessary, understanding it is not a 100% guarantee. I will say for own son awarded on 2nd round the college process was so hectic cannot imagine him having to commit in early November.

    And as Kinnem pointed out many Academy appointees have ROTC scholarships as back up. Start getting your medical paperwork together for DODMERB just in case, and work with your parents or guardian on the medical paperwork aspect. Good luck!

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