a dose of reality... AFROTC rejection


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Dec 17, 2008
I went ahead and checked my AFROTC status, not really expecting to see anything. A letter I had received several weeks ago indicated results from the January board would come out around February 14. Needless to say, I was surprised and disappointed to see the status now says

Your application met the board and you were not selected for a scholarship. However, based on your rank on the board, your application will be meeting the next board. You will be receiving written confirmation via mail within the next few weeks.

I guess I thought I was solid enough of a candidate that I would be offered something... But maybe not. Time to wait some more I guess.
buffalo, hang in there, all is not lost. Sending you positive vibes :wink:
Don't worry dude, I had the same reaction when I first saw that message for me. However, then I checked around forums (like this) and I saw lots of highly qualified candidates got that messsage.

Hang in there! The results of the Jan board are coming out Feb 14 (but sometimes they come in early, so check regularly.)
Well guys, I received the same message but I applied for Navy also and received a nursing scholarship. Which I am in the process of accepting. Did you apply for any other ROTC scholly? My father is retired AF and warned me that the AF was really looking for engineering types for the scholly.

But hang in there, you'll get your good news soon.
KOKO is correct on the whole they would prefer the engineering degree types, but DS got the full ride and he is majoring in govt and politics, so they do give out for non-engineers just less of them go out.
Just a question...did AFROTC release the results of the Jan. board recently? I was deferred in December and I am getting the same message now.
Don't feel bad i got reboarded too, I'm in the same situation I didn't pick any technicals, I thought a Foreign Language would count, but best of luck!
I am wondering if the AFROTC board got a lot of apps this yr esp. due to the economy and cost of college. If they are inundated it might explain why you haven't heard yet.

Good Luck
Better to be reboarded than denied on the get go.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the encouragement everyone. nfalipio is right that at least I was not denied outright.

On an unrelated note... I just went to the DoDMERB website to look there. It looks like NROTC was added today. Says Current Medical Status: Qualified Unrestricted Line (as of 12-FEB-09 ). Does this mean anything about a possible scholarship, or was it added regardless? Status on NROTC website still say that no decision has been made. NROTC application was finished in early December.
My son's app was completed during the SUMMER! and we watched that no decision yet for months and it still says the same. Two nights ago the DODMERB site added the NROTC. If they aren't offering a scholarship, they aren't talking to DODMERB. Called Pennsicola yesterday am and was informed that he was getting a scholarship to first choice unit. So I would say that if NROTC is on your DODMERB page that is a very good thing. Congrats!
Awesome fleixbed! How did you ask the question? I'm tempted to give them a call. Probably are not working on a Saturday though.
They will be closed during the weekend, and since this is a 3 day weekend, Maxwell will be closed on Monday too! Keep the faith
Awesome fleixbed! How did you ask the question? I'm tempted to give them a call. Probably are not working on a Saturday though.

I've spoken to them several times. Just call the number on the status page and ask them. They are there to help.
Letter came in the mail today.

4 year scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin! My first choice listed school. Still have to get into the school, which I am worried about since I am OOS. Lately, I had also been talking myself into OSU. Lots of friends are going there. Ahhh! Is it possible to request a change to OSU then choose between the two if it's authorized, or is the switch permanent?

Would sending my NROTC scholarship letter to UT have any impact on admissions?

Of course, best scenario would be acceptance into AFA so I wouldn't have to worry about this. But, nice to know I now have a viable alternative.
buffalo, which OSU are you looking into? Ohio? Oregon? Oklahoma?

And on a more encouraging note, a few of my classmates who appled very early for AFROTC scholarships just recieved theirs from the January board, a few Type 2's and a Type 1. Hang in there!:biggrin:
Congratulations buffalo! My son got the official letter today as well. I would call UT and inform them of the scholarship and express a strong desire to be a member of UT class of 2013. You have nothing to lose and an admission to gain. Again congratulations on the scholarship.
Bitt, The Ohio State University. For a while I thought (assuming admission) Texas was my #2 choice after AFA, now #3 after AFA and USNA. However, lately I have been rethinking that. While I want to go far from home, Texas is quite some distance away, so I would not be traveling home frequently. Ohio State became more appealing since a good number of my friends will be going there. Also being accepted in less than 2 weeks doesn't hurt. Texas is still a high consideration. My grandparents live in Austin as does my aunt, so I know it's a great city and a great university. Guess the best option would be to get a feel for both campuses and NROTC units.

And, I still am hopeful for AFROTC. Guess like NROTC, I was expecting to get something on the first try. I'd also need to check the AF and NROTC programs at both schools. While I am leaning towards AFA over USNA (if I was lucky enough to get into both), I am not decided between AF and NROTC.

flexbed, congratulations to your son! Where to? And I sent an email to the UT NROTC detachment to get their advice, so I will probably give admissions a call tomorrow.
He got into the UPenn program. Waiting to hear from UPenn but he is taking the Drexel U spot since they subsidize room and board costs. Still hoping for USNA though.