A father's thoughts on ROTC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by NorwichDad, Jan 29, 2012.

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    I have really enjoyed this forum. I have learned so much here. ROTC and College are winding down for my son. A few more months and he will finish.

    5 years ago I really worried about my son. I could not think of anything he could do with his life. I was not sure if he could even tie his own shoes.

    I lived and died with each test and paper grade, PT test, LandNAV test, FTX, making certain clubs at Norwich, attaining choice Army schools and having a favorable view by the PMS. I wanted every thing I could get for him. I wanted to call the PMS and yell why did he not have that scholarship yet (Thank God I did not). I wanted every edge I could get for him. It’s natural because he is my son. Everything was about what he could get.

    What I failed to see is he had many friends that cared for him. He worked hard at everything he did. He made an impact with others. There were victories he won and defeats he overcame. He soaked in everything his Cadre and Teachers presented him. He did the right things. He was a good person. He also masterfully controlled an overbearing father.

    I think I have an idea what ROTC is about. What I now know is that ROTC is not about my son getting things. ROTC IS ABOUT PREPARING MY SON TO LEAD, TAKE CARE OF, TRAIN, IMPACT, AND MAKE READY THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF OTHER PARENTS. Wow, I think now. What a great honor and opportunity from my son. I now know he knew that from the start. HE ALSO KNOWS THE REALLY HARD WORK FOR HIM STARTS LATER THIS YEAR.

    I do not worry about my son anymore. He is and always was a good person. He is ready. I know now he can tie his own shoes.
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    Nice message. :smile:

    Your son will be terrific when his hard work begins later on this year. He always was. Sometimes it's hard for us as parents to realize how great our kids our - we want so much for them. And for it to be easy.

    It won't always be easy for them. Hopefully, you have raised them right so they have the tools they need to succeed in life!
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    Great message. Thank you for that.
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    Congrats to your son.

    This post was to me a great reminder that even though we cut at least one of the apron strings when they leave our home for college, there are others once they get there that will sew on "their" new one.

    They truly are never alone on this path.

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