A Few Questions


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Dec 30, 2007
I am a prospective for NASS this summer and for the USNA c/o '13. I have three questions I havn't seen answered here...

1. I've heard (on a few forums) that the class of '12 or '13 will not wear work whites. However, I have not been able to confirm that with any official source. It's not really a big deal, you wear what they give you afterall, whatever that may be. I just wondered, and if so is there was a reason for it.

2. Does anyone know what states are the most/least competative for a nomination and appointments to USNA? I would assume that more populated states (and in theory districts as well) would be more competative. Also is living in the capital likely to influence? (I live in Columbia, SC if that helps.)

3. Lastly, what is the NASS application like? I've done a number of applications for similar programs and it seems like each is so different. I looked at WP and noticed it was basically a sports interview, as where the AF is more well rounded. I currently have my resume in the AFSS set up for ease of filling out NASS. Also are there any essays or short answer questions? Any insight into the layout and general questions would be great.

1. I'm assuming you are refering to the unform called "Whiteworks." Haven't heard a single rumor here (and they spread fast) about those going away.

2. There are some BGOs and parents on this forum that can probably answer that better than I can so I'll let them handle that one.

3. Haven't seen a recent NASS application, but when I got mine back in high school, it was just a straight up application. Name, school activities, interests, etc. No essays or anything. You just had to meet the academic requirements in order to get one. I also did NASS detail as a 3/C and don't remember anyone talking about writing essays for the application.
2. Does anyone know what states are the most/least competative for a nomination and appointments to USNA?

Mostly less populous states in the midwest (WY, ND, SD, ID, UT, MT). Also AK. States without a major naval base or military base. The most competitive include MD, VA, PA, CA, TX, FL -- although this can vary by district. This is one thing you can't control -- it is what it is. SC is probably somewhere in the middle, although I don't know this for sure.
Hey I'm from Idaho and we definitely are not in the Midwest, we're a Western State. Some people call the states that aren't on the Pacific, such as Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah the Intermountain West.

I can definitely vouch for Idaho being less competetive. Nominations are much easier to get here, with many candidates getting multiples.

All that being said though, you still have to be qualified to get in. I'm thinking it would be pretty difficult to move to get a better chance at a SA.