a few waiver questions


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Mar 1, 2007
im a freshman in college and have decided to apply to the afa as well as usna. im getting along really well with the application process(academics, cfa, e.c.,etc.) and i think i would have a good chance of getting in, except for a few things i would need waivered. i was wondering what are the odds of actually getting these waivered.
-mild exzema, dont have breakouts, just dry patches of skin in cold months, lotion takes care of it, doesnt require any steriod based cream or anything like that
-hay fever, dont use meds but i suffer from occasional symptoms in dusty conditions, seems to be getting better with age
-this one pertains to the usna. ive read that you can not have tattoos that are not covered by a swimsuit with the exception of waivers. i have a rosary that wraps around my right upper arm like a band tattoo and my family crest on my upper left arm. would i be able to get waivers for these?

thank you very much

Eczema will be a disqualification if you've had it after your 8th birthday. Waiver are granted for those who have mild and certain moderate cases. From what you have described, it sounds like you should be in line for a waiver, but I'm not the wavier authority.

Hayfever, if controlled by over the counter medications and doesn't affect your daily activities should not be an issue. The more severe hayfever could be a disqualification, and waivers again can be granted depending on the severity.

Tattoos are an administrative issue and not dealt with by DoDMERB. My understanding of the tattoos, if they are not visible in PT gear (shorts and t-shirt) and not of an offensive nature then its not a concern. I do know that some applicants who show up on I-day with a tattoo that maybe just a little outside of standards (i.e. shows in PT gear) are given the option to have them removed. Your best resource for finding out about tattoos would be the admissions office.