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    I found this article earlier today, that I think, highlights some major aspects that all future 2LTs/Ensigns should consider by the time they commission and make it to their unit.

    What I wish I Knew: From Cadet to Lieutenant

    Although this article is geared towards 2LTs in the Army - it's equally applicable to all service branches.

    I personally think out of all those listed, number 2 is the most important to always be aware of.

    And to all of the incoming high school seniors and future seniors, I hope this article serves as an eye-opener to see what it truly means to be an O-1. I came in to ROTC knowing very little of ideas surrounding leadership and the responsibilities associated with being a 2LT - and yet already it feels like I've learned a lot, in the little time I've been in ROTC. For you are about to embark on a journey filled with some wonderful experiences and lifelong friendships; this is just the beginning! So take the time, and learn from all the things you do. Find out what works and doesn't work to make yourself a more successful person; learn from your mistakes. College is about figuring out what works and doesn't works, so you can perfect them then, rather than messing it up in the "real world."
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    Thank you for posting that.

    I sent it to my son and he just told me that the friend who died in the article was friends & in ROTC with a boy who like a 2nd son to me. I remember when he was talking about the funeral and the ROTC cadets driving to go to it.

    It's an article that sure does hit home as our kids are about to commission.
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