A Question of Time


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Oct 20, 2007
Hello, forum members. I was wondering how much time, on average, there is between the point where all materials have been handed in, and an appointment has been received. Thanks
Welcome to the forum! Good question Gabriellee. Unfortunately, theres no formulated answer. Too many factors come into play during the application process. DODMERB, nominations, grade reporting, ect. may hold things up. Some kids receive very late appointments or perhaps get offered prep school instead of direct appointments. Sorry to say that the only thing to do when files are complete, is to sit back & enjoy your last year of school. Easy for me to say huh? Hang tough & the best of luck to you!
Unfortunately, it is not the timeliness of your application but the submissions of your MOC, which drives many of the final appointment announcements. In many cases, the academies are unable to select the appointment offer until all the applications are submitted for each and every one of the 10 candidates on the MOCs slate. This usually drives the process until Feburary at the earliest. Sorry, like jamz says, sit back and enjoy senior year.

Realistically, if you plan on not hearing anything until mid-April, life will be a lot less stressful.
How would throwing in an LOA affect timeliness? Suppose someone was nominated by their MOC, and was qualified on everything else, then WP sends a letter of acceptance immediately correct? How many weeks does it take for your MOC to submit names?
MOC's don't have to submit their nominations until the end of January. They will submit the whole slate at one time.
yep - it will be up to the timeliness of your MOC. Some are quick and some are slow - ours had the nomination slate done and submitted by Christmas - but they do have until the end of January and some will take that long.

During your interview - at the end when they ask if you have any questions - this may not be a bad one to ask......

"When can I expect to hear from Rep _________ about the status of my nomination?"

Anyway - the short answer is anytime between mid-December and early February!
Realistically, if you plan on not hearing anything until mid-April, life will be a lot less stressful.
That's the truth!

One of my favorite quotes is 'He who expects nothing will never be disappointed.' That's been my strategy waiting on USxA mail. Expect it to come on May 1. You can limit your anxiety and then, if it comes early...great!