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    Hey guys. I'm going to be attending a few Academy Days in the next upcoming weeks and was wondering if anyone had any advice for them. I know you're supposed to dress up but how much? Black pants and white shirt or boat shoes with khakis and a button down? Should I bring any material to give to people about myself?(I think that's maybe overkill) What generally happens at an Academy Night? Do Admissions Representatives interview you kind o? I've never been to one and want to get a little info on what I should expect. Thank you!
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    Normally there will be some "ALO's, or B&GO's, or..." folks that understand the admissions process and will be there to explain the entire process from start to finish. Depending upon who is hosting this (we just had one last Saturday hosted by one of our Senators and two Congressmen) staff members will be there to explain the nomination's really a great time!

    Dress...I wouldn't wear cruddy jeans but there's no requirement to "dress up." I tell my "prospective candidates" that they may be meeting someone that in the future will play a role in their quest for admission so look good. Don't expect an interview, per se, however don't be surprised if someone asks why you're interested; what you think you want to do in life, etc. Be ready for questions but don't be worried about them and above all, if someone asks you something that you don't know the answer to, SAY SO!!! Do NOT NOT NOT try to "blow smoke" or "wing it" as that'll show and it's a definite negative.

    Go, have a great time, and learn all you can!

    USAFA '83
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    I can say that my DS's (Junior year- Spring) informational night with our local MOC was lightly attended. Because of that my DS got about 10 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with the Congressman. While the he did not physically sit on DS's interview panel the following November, he was my DS's nominating source that we believe was used for appointment. Look your MOC in the eye when speaking and always use "Sir/ Ma'am." You never know.
    ps- My DS wore khakis and a collared shirt. In our case, the MOC gave a short speech, introduced the 5 SAs, cut everyone loose to go speak with the reps, and mingled with the attendees.
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    I attended an Academy Day last year. It was hosted by multiple MOCs. The run down was pretty simple: the head coordinator for it all spoke, then introduced each academy's representatives (usually the Regional Commander and a student), who each gave a short speech about their school. Afterward, everyone was turned loose to talk with the school reps and well as people who came representing the MOCs. There were a host of West Point FFR and USNA Blue Gold Officers there too. If you haven't already, find your FFR, BG, etc and talk to them and get to know them. I can't tell you have great it is having a FFR "on your side." Be sure to stay in touch with them throughout the process.

    A few tips:
    • Dress business casual (I think that's the term?) For guys, wear dress shoes, khakis, a collared shirt. Throw in a tie if you want. It won't be out of place. Impressions are big, so make sure everything is ironed and clean. Show up looking like you have your life together.
    • Before you go, write down questions you want to ask (or at least have several in your head). I had a few, so I printed up a Word document and had it in a padfolio. This may have been a bit overboard, but I know it impressed a few people. (I also had a resume of sorts printed up. I never used it, but figured it was good to have).
    • Like the interviews, maintain eye contact when talking, keep good posture, and be interested.
    • Be as familiar as you can with each academy's application process.

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