Academy to lose chaplains


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Jun 9, 2006
I have received some information recently that due to a shortage of Chaplains navy wide both of Kings Point's chaplains will be reassigned. This will affect the Academy in a negative way as one could imagine. I'm not sure what the final decision will be, but below is the current statement from the Academy:


The Superintendent and others have been receiving several inquiries regarding the loss of chaplains at the Academy. The Superintendent has approved the following as the “official position” of the Academy on this issue. Please use this when responding to emails or phone calls, and when disseminating information to parents and alumni.

Thanks for your note concerning our religious program. The latest information we have is that our Protestant Chaplain is leaving on 1 July without replacement. Our Catholic Chaplain just arrived and it looks like he may be leaving as early as August, also without replacement. Unfortunately, there is a real shortage of chaplains in the Navy and both of our chaplains will most likely go to Iraq . Navy chaplains have been a part of the Academy for over 65 years, and we are disappointed to lose them. However, we are working hard to ensure continued ministry support for the midshipman religious program. We have already been in contact with the Long Island campus ministry association, and will be meeting with candidates over the summer to select a part-time minister who has experience with college-aged congregants. We are also working closely with local congregations to provide additional coverage for our diverse faith groups. With time, we believe that we can create a strong and active campus ministry program. Religious support for our midshipmen is certainly important to the Superintendent and the Academy, so we’ll find ways to continue to provide a supportive ministry presence for the Regiment.


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KP, Jamz, What is all the hooplah here? Rumors are that KP hadn't been paying the Navy for years for use of the chaplains and that they were kicking them out of base housing. What is the rest of the story?
It does indeed look bad. However I have it from good sources that the VADM is working on the matter. I never post the hear-say or gossip so will update when I have something first hand.
KP, Jamz, What is all the hooplah here? Rumors are that KP hadn't been paying the Navy for years for use of the chaplains and that they were kicking them out of base housing. What is the rest of the story?

Unfortunately I'm somewhat out of the loop on this one. I haven't heard much official from KP about this other than their initial response. I agree with JM that it's best to not repost some of the info that's flying around because we really don't know. If I get any info I'll definately keep the board updated.
As a Roman Catholic I am aware of a general shortage of priests throughout the Church, not just in the military. Unfortunately fewer young men are choosing this path. At the parish I regularly attend the priest is in his early 70's and he also has to say Mass at another church in the area. They are not allowed to "retire" until they are 75. It is an ongoing problem.
The Navy has a program called Individual Augmentation which they are utilizing to handle the surge in requirements due to the war. During a period of one's shore duty, normally two and a half to three years, one may "volunteer" for overseas billets, usually joint , USMC, or Army billets for a period of six months to a year. Navywide, the last figures I saw, it is affecting over 60% of Naval personnel on shore duty. I read an article several months ago that Chaplains are getting hit particularly hard. I has affected the USNA CGO. I don't know if any of you have seen Lt Bobby Jones blog, he is somewhere in Africa on a UN team, but is really assigned to the Admissions Office. Someone else is working overtime, doing his job.

Since I have moved away from Norfolk, I don't know how removing a single Protestant chaplain from a shore duty chapel billet for IAF is affecting their workloads but I imagine someone is filling in. So yes, Navy chaplains are strapped right now.