Acceptance Day 2015?

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    I saw on the sticky that Acceptance Day is usually the last day before classes start which would put it on August 5th. Is there anything official stating this is the date? Stealth stated that it will normally be on this date based on history but wasn't definitive. I googled it to find something more certain to no avail....any confirmation would be appreciated.
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    This is from an email that I got recently......

    am sorry for the delay in getting in touch with you. I have been neck deep in Graduation Awards Preparation. Thank you for the Privacy Act Release for parent clubs and 2019 Spirit Committee. Attached is some useful information such as the academic calendar (Cadets) and some frequently asked questions. Please note the parents weekend webpage has last year's information, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. It is normally the same schedule.

    There are parent newsletters I would checkout at the following link if you haven’t already done so. of 2014

    Also below are some dates that you may want to know about that are coming up.

    Upcoming Dates:

    30 May 15 1st Summer Session Begins

    20 Jun 15 1st Summer Session Ends

    20 Jun 15 2nd Summer Session Begins

    25 Jun 15 Class of 2019 In-Processes

    26 Jun 15 Class of 2019 Swearing-In Ceremony (0830) by Chapel Wall

    10 Jul 15 Field Day (viewing Appointee interaction)

    11 Jul 15 2nd Summer Session Ends

    11 Jul 15 Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo (0730 No parent access)

    11 Jul 15 3rd Summer Session Begins

    12 Jul 15 Prep School - Direct Entry report (in-processing)

    18 Jul 15 Doolie Day Out (Sponsors pick up approx. 0930) Cadets can have cell phones today

    15 Jul 15 Prep School - Direct Entry report (in-processing)

    20 Jul 15 March out to Jacks Valley (0800)

    30 Jul 15 March back from Jacks Valley (0730)

    1 Aug 15 3rd Summer Session Ends

    1 Aug 15 Cadet Wing Returns by 7:00pm

    3 Aug 15 Freshman Laptops Issued

    4 Aug 15 Freshman E-mail should be up on e-mail

    4 Aug 15 Acceptance Parade (Time TBD)

    5 Aug 15 Commitment Dinner (2017)

    6 Aug 15 New Semester Classes Start (tentative)

    Now USAFA/FMF will accept Scholarship Checks (No accepted after 18 Aug 15)

    4-7 Sep 15 Parents’ Weekend 2015

    24 – 29 Nov 15 Cadet Thanksgiving Break

    19 Dec 15 – 5 Jan 16 Cadet Winter Break (Cadet Wing returns 7:00 pm on 5 Jan 16)

    18 – 27 Mar 16 Cadet Wing Spring Break (Cadet Wing returns 7:00 pm on 27 Mar 16)

    Hope this helps in your planning and Welcome to the USAFA Family!



    Parents’ Liaison

    U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
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    Have always found Ms. Nikovits a great help.

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