Accepting AFROTC scholarship and applying next year for USAFA?


Feb 22, 2016
I applied to the USAFA and was not accepted. I have received an AFROTC type 7 scholarship. Can I accept the AFROTC scholarship, attend approved school my freshman year then reapply to USAFA next year?
I'm so sorry, I was hoping you just had not heard yet and we're just assuming. Well I will pray for your future success no matter where it takes you.
Yes accept the scholarship, go do amazing things and then reapply. There are stickies at the top that talk about reapplying. Read, follow and go have fun! Good luck.
Sure, my sons' good friend followed just about that path... Freshman year at civ college, then got a new nom & appointment the following year. He said it turned out to be a better path for him than had he just gotten appointed as a high school freshman. Gave him a year to improve study habits, etc.