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    Hi all,

    Earlier this month I received a four year AROTC scholarship with Oregon State, Washington University and CU Boulder as the approved schools. The instructions told me to accept for the school that I most want to go to (WUSTL). This is definitely a tough school to get in to, and my chances are very slim. Should I still accept my scholarship for this school? If I am not accepted, what are my chances of being able to transfer it to another school? What about transferring to schools that have not yet been approved? Does the cost of the school play into it at all? IE I accept for a private school that costs 50k in tuition, so the army would definitely let me switch to any school which costs less?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Having received a 4 year. It's difficult to believe that you couldn't qualify to get in. In addition to that, these schools very much want to draw ROTC scholarship winners. You should contact the ROTC rep at your chosen school. You might be pleasantly surprised....

    Good Luck!
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    I'm in a similar situation with a 3 year AD and my number one school will not release decisions for a while even though I received an "expedited review" due to my scholarship. Should I just accept it at my number one school and hope for the best? Will it be hard to transfer if i get denied? Also, if I need transfer to my number two will they care that I did not choose them first?
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    Apply your scholarship to the school you most want to attend. If you do not get accepted to that school you can request a transfer of the scholarship to a school that did except you. There is always a chance that the school you try to transfer the scholarship to may not have any spots left for you to attend that school. If that happens you will not be able to transfer your scholarship to that school. You may be required to then apply it to your 3rd choice. My DS was waitlisted on his 1st choice, then transferred to his 2nd choice and is as happy as ever in his 2nd choice school. The 1st choice called to offer him a spot but he was to happy in his current school that he refused the offer. He also ended up with full room and board because the battalion had some money left over so that really worked in his and our favor. Things have a funny way of working out.
    The cost of the school doesn't matter. If the Army gave you a scholarship then you can go to any school you put as your choices (1,2,3) as long as you get accepted to that school. My DS school is $72,000 a year and the Army is covering it all.
    Best of luck!
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