rotc contracting

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    DODMERB still valid?

    I got my DODMERB exam done in early November 2018. From everything that I've read, those exams are supposed to expire 2 years from the date of the exam. Note: I originally got the DODERB done in 2018 as a senior in high school for the Naval Academy. I took a year off school, and was awarded an...
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    ROTC-Scholarship Questions

    Hello all, I am interested in Army ROTC program for my local college, but I am confused on how the application process for this works. I am also applying to WP. Would any of you mind explaining how ROTC applications work (for high schoolers). 1. Do I apply to the SA and ROTC program...
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    Need Help Plz

    So I recently got a citation for public drunkness in college and was taken in handcuffs to the university drunk tank. I'm in the ROTC program but not yet on scholarship. I'm well standing and is my first offense. In addition, I'm going to basic camp this summer. I applied for ARD already. My...
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    Accepting/Transferring AROTC scholarship

    Hi all, Earlier this month I received a four year AROTC scholarship with Oregon State, Washington University and CU Boulder as the approved schools. The instructions told me to accept for the school that I most want to go to (WUSTL). This is definitely a tough school to get in to, and my...
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    Dropping Army ROTC scholarship..

    Hey all, this is just a follow up from my first post about dropping my army rotc scholarship. I have decided that I will drop my scholarship for the army and hopefully in the future, try to get a pilot slot from the other branches. I have talked to the marines and they said they can work with me...
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    Currently Minuteman Scholarship dedicated national guard 3 year

    so I signed a rotc minuteman dedicated national guard scholarship after completing basic and AIt. I'm going into my last year and kind of really just never liked the officer side of the army. So I debating getting out of my contract. But I didn't know exactly what do you have to pay back? I...
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    NROTC as a Junior?

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if I may be eligible to join the Navy ROTC Program with approximately 55 credits? Thing is, I am pursuing a 6 year J.D. Program. So, I still have more than 2 years remaining. I heard of people getting contracted in Air Force ROTC, where they're...
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    junior in college ROTC contracting question!! Help!!

    Hello all! Glad to have signed up as I've actually learned a lot from reading through these posts. However, one question I have remains unanswered. I've basically passed all requirements for contracting with ROTC at my college. However, I had to drop a course which put me at 11 hours (1 hour...