ACL reconstruction question


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Jan 3, 2008
hi! I am a jounior in high school and I want to apply to the Merchant Marine Academy next year. My sophmore year I tore my ACL playing volleyball. I had surgury. It is now back to normal and I have played two varsity sports since my injury(crew and volleyball). I was wondering if you know of anyone has had this happened and has gotten a waiver? or any information that could help me convinve my parents to still let me apply? (they don't want to go thought the effort if there is no chance that i can get in.) thank you!
DoDMERB will ask for the medical records and some testing to be completed. If everything is normal and the testing shows that you have full stability in the knee, then you will be cleared as far as your knee goes. An ACL reconstruction is fairly common and the majority of them get cleared by DoDMERB without a disqualification.