ACL surgery


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Apr 19, 2007
I tore my ACL on Jan 31 and had reconstruction surgery on Feb 23 when they replaced the ligament and took out some broken meniscus (cartilage). I have progressed quickly through the rehabilitation process, and I am now allowed to jog!! I am on track to be 110% ready for Beast on July 2. I have not submitted anything new to DODMERB except my dental records and some new immunizations/boosters. How should I go about informing USMA of this? Do I have to take the physical again or is there something else?
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PS-Do I need to submit new CFA scores? Or will I be tested upon arrival?
You need to gather ALL medical records regarding your ACL tear. Start from when the injury occured, all the surgical records, and all the records from the follow up evaluations and physical therapy. If your physician has not released you to full activities yet, I would get a statement from him/her and submit those records to DoDMERB YESTERDAY! Time is not your friend right now.

If you are not completely healed you will most likely be found disqualified by DoDMERB, but if your surgeon feels that you will be 100% by R-Day then there is a very good chance that you will be able to get a waiver.

Seriously, do not waste any time in getting this information to DoDMERB. I would even suggest that you call DoDMERB, 719-333-3562, 6:30 - 3:30 M - F Mountain (at the first menu press option 1, and at the second menu option 1, that will get you to the Army section). Ask to speak with a reviewer, they will place you into remedial status and send a letter requesting the medical records as well as a test that can only be completed once you are at 100%. I would also contact your admissions officer at USMA and let him/her know what is going on.

Most likely you will have a couple extra hoops to go through, but this is much better than being sent home on R-Day, or if you are not 100%, not being able to maintain with your classmates and being sent home then, or even worse, causing permanent damage to your knee.

The worst thing that could happen if you notify DoDMERB is you have to wait a year to get into the academy, if you do not disclose this information and something happens, they will find out that you had the surgery and did not notify anyone, and getting back in then probably would not be an option.

If you have any other quesitons please feel free to let me know.