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Feb 12, 2008
Easy one - Is there anywhere on line where one might get an overall list of acronyms used by USNA?
Some of it may be in Reef Points. But some of it you just learn over time -- not sure it's written down. Like OBE (overtaken by events) and "the six Ps" (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance). AND, acronyms change over time. I'm sure some are in use today that I wouldn't recognize while current mids might not recognize terms used in my day.
Kinda like text messaging...which I don't have a clue about!
Have a good day
Teddy just learn them as you go here. I didn't know any of the acronyms before I got here, so I wouldn't worry about it, you'll pick them up as you go along.
****screen - A Midshipman (normally a Plebe) who seems to screw up EVERYTHING or, at the very least, get blamed for it. He captures every bad vibe and comment there is anywhere in the vicinity. More often than not, he deserves it.

Usage: "Did you hear about Abernathy? First he got stopped in the p-way by Mr Door for having a bad tuck, then he got stopped again by Ms. Gish for not cutting his corner properly, and then he got fried for being late to noon meal formation. Now he's being flamed for not having read the paper. Jeez, what a ****screen!"
Boy, I hope that term is never used to describe my plebe wannabe!