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    UNG list of cadet organizations:
    Patriot Choir
    Aggressor Platoon
    Blue Ridge Rifles
    Color Guard
    Golden Eagle Band
    Ranger Challenge
    Shooting Sports
    Mountain Order of Colombo
    Scabbard & Blade

    There are also hundreds of organizations that cadets belong to, from intramurals to club teams to fraternities and sororities to Habitat for Humanity, academic clubs, service clubs, student government, literary and art clubs, multicultural and language clubs, etc. You name it, it's there.
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    At Texas A&M the Corps has, in addition to the Fighting Texas Aggie Band the following:
    Parsons Mounted Cavalry
    Parsons Mounted Cavalry, formed in 1973, is the successor to the mounted cavalry units that play a central role in A&M traditions. This is a ‘parade and show’ unit composed of sophomore, junior and senior cadets who represent the University at events across Texas.
    Ross Volunteer Company
    The Ross Volunteer Company is the oldest student organization in the state of Texas composed of junior and senior cadets. The unit is the official honor guard for the Governor of Texas.
    Fish Drill Team
    Fish Drill Team is a special unit composed entirely of freshman cadets. They compete in precision drill competitions around the country and have gone on to win the national championship almost every year since they were created in 1947.
    Corps Center Guard
    The Corps Center Guard is composed of four platoons of cadets-each assigned to a specialty: guns, A&R (accession and research), photography and tours-who dedicate themselves to learning and presenting the heritage of the Corps at the Sanders Corps of Cadets Center.
    General O.R. Simpson Corps Honor Society
    The General O.R. Simpson Corps Honor Society recognizes and rewards cadets with a cumulative GPR of at least 3.4 who foster new ideas of academic achievement, leadership and character in the Corps of Cadets and promote scholastic excellence through academic related projects including tutor assistance and operation of a study lounge for all cadets.
    Arnold Air Society (Air Force ROTC)
    The Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary service organization that helps provide a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.
    Rudder’s Rangers (Army ROTC)
    Rudder’s Rangers, named in honor of Major General James Earl Rudder, is the Army ROTC’s elite training unit for cadets of any branch who want to become proficient in small unit light infantry tactics. Rudder’s Rangers participate in two major events each year, the Winter Field Training Exercise held at Ft. Hood and the Best Ranger Competition.
    Ranger Challenge Team (Army ROTC)
    The Ranger Challenge Team is an Army ROTC competition team composed of sophomore and junior cadets. The team follows an intensive training regimen and competes in the annual Ranger Challenge Competition.
    SEAL Platoon (Navy/Marine ROTC)
    SEAL Platoon is a small unit designed to familiarize highly motivated students with the rigors faced during Naval Special Warfare training. The platoon participates in pistol qualifying, SCUBA trips, rappelling and land/water navigation exercises, as well as hosts and attends major competitions around the nation.
    Recon Platoon (Navy/Marine ROTC)
    Recon Platoon prepares highly motivated students for the rigors of the Basic Reconnaissance Course, as well as Officer Candidate School and The Basic School. In addition to daily physical training, members receive training in water survival skills, land navigation, SCUBA, marksmanship, rappelling and small fire team tactics.
    Darling Recruiting Company
    The Maj. Gen. T. G. Darling Recruiting Company provides the means for highly motivated cadets to conduct planning, provide support, and to represent Texas A&M University and the Corps of Cadets at University and Corps recruiting events.

    Additionally, there are close to 800 clubs, groups, and related organizations that are recognized at A&M and the members of the Corps are eligible to join them, time committments permitting.
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    I am at the citadel now, clubs are a great way to get involved but there are very few (compared to other SMC's) for military. Obviously if variety is what you are looking for, go to a school that also has a civilian side
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    Wow - folks really need to watch what they post - At The Citadel there are more clubs than any one Cadet could ever possibly join in 4 years - including military oriented clubs sponsored by the various ROTC detachments and the Commandant's Department: A short list of the military clubs is below. The full list can be found at under "Cadet Activities" Questions - let me know:

    Military Clubs - Sponsor

    Coast Guard Auxiliary - Commandant
    Arnold Air Society - AFROTC
    Cordell Airborne Rangers - AROTC
    Junior Sword Arch (JSA) - Commandant*
    Rifle Legion - Commandant*
    Semper Fi Society - NROTC (Marine Contingent)
    Special Operations Auxiliary club - Commandant
    Summerall Guards - Commandant*
    Trident Society - NROTC
    * membership is through competition
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