ADD & ADHD Waivers


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Mar 26, 2018
Having just gotten our DODMERB waiver for attention deficit disorder, I just wanted to pass along some pointers.

1. If you are junior and getting ready to apply, make sure you get with your doctor and get off your meds. Depending on the required dosage, the duration could be as much as 24 months prior to DODMERB review. If you have a lower dosage, the duration can be even lower. In our case, 36 mg dosage of Concerta was accepted with only 9 months off meds.

2. Get a letter from your doctor which states you no longer need the medication and it appears you have outgrown the disorder.

3. Make sure all your ACT/SAT tests are taken after you have went off your meds.

4. Make sure you are able to keep up on your grades. They will require a non official transcript to review.

5. Make sure you are competitive so the admissions personnel will keep pressure on the review board to process a waiver.

Good Luck.