1. T

    Participation When Awaiting Waiver Approval - NROTC

    Hi, I’ve been on the forums for a while now and have read some things here and there about DODMERB and the overall Waiver process. Despite the fact that I am currently an alternate candidate awaiting a decision; I will still attempt to participate as a CP or eventually apply for OCS. So, the...
  2. M

    ADHD Waiver

    Code Description D231.90 History of Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) Good afternoon, As Dodmerb comes back up I was recently disqualified for a single reason. I was never diagnosed and the medication was taken for less than a month and never prescribed...
  3. T

    How to get a ADHD Waiver for USAFA?

    I have my DODMERB examination in a week and my entire medical checklist went well, except for my diagnosis of ADHD when I was 12 and had medication usage. I stopped taking any forms of medication for a while. But does anybody know how to get an ADHD diagnosis waiver? Do they give it to me at my...
  4. M

    ADHD Diagnosis and Medication

    I am an MSIV in Army ROTC that still needs to attend camp as I was unable to attend over the summer due to an injury. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. My PMS recently submitted a packet for a medical determination due to the ADHD diagnosis. What is likely to happen to...
  5. S

    Recently diagnosed with adhd, currently enlisted Army reservist.

    I was recently diagnosed with adhd, the psych recommends medication, as does my pcp. My ETS date is coming up soon and I honestly haven’t made my mind up on if I’ll reup or not these are my main concerns; 1: If I ets and decide to come back in at a later date, would the use of the medication...
  6. K

    ADHD Waiver Help (AFROTC)

    To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER...
  7. USMA Dad_2025

    ADHD Waiver Process Time?

    Hi Everyone, My DS is currently Under Waiver Review due to ADHD. Does anyone know how long we should expect this process to take? He was diagnosed prior to kindergarten, never took medication and had his IEP terminated when he was 12 (all things he included in his medical survey). His JROTC...
  8. A

    Concern regarding remedial

    Hello everybody I hope you all are doing well, I would like to share my concern regarding my remedial submission. Please share your thoughts if you are going through a similar situation. I submitted my AMI's at the beginning of March, and I am still waiting to hear back from DoDMERB. I...
  9. Z

    DoDMERB Status

    Hello, I'm in a bit of a unique situation and am really clueless when it comes to this but I has a single disqualification on my DoDMERB because I have ADHD. However, I take a prescription that basically makes me perfectly normal and my ADHD does not effect me. The situation is that I'm in...
  10. jcgc745

    AROTC Waiver for ADHD and Adjustment Disorder?

    This is what it states so far: 28-Jun-18 Application Status Change Date 28-Jun-18 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system 28-Jun-18 Application Added 12-Jul-18 Actual date of exam 20-Aug-18 Date exam received at DoDMERB 20-Aug-18 Medical data entry 23-Aug-18 Date letter sent - Remedial(s)...
  11. S

    Stats/early app/DQ for ADHD/waiting

    here are stats Senior in HS SAT 1520 Math 800 English 720 Weighted GPA 4.2 Non weighted 3.8 7 AP with score 5 Debate club with leadership, HOSA club, Volunteered every summer and every Saturday at NGF to teach kids for last 3 years. Great internship previous summer at CISCO Tae kw kando...
  12. C

    ADD & ADHD Waivers

    Having just gotten our DODMERB waiver for attention deficit disorder, I just wanted to pass along some pointers. 1. If you are junior and getting ready to apply, make sure you get with your doctor and get off your meds. Depending on the required dosage, the duration could be as much as 24...
  13. C

    Could I continue taking ADD medication after getting waiver?

    I've recently been awarded an AFROTC type 2 4-year scholarship. This month is the 24th month that I've been taking ADD medication (so if I discontinue the medication prescription for next month, I'll be eligible for an ADHD waiver). I'm valedictorian of my high school, and I had straight A's...
  14. P

    ADD and NROTC Scholarship with Medical?

    I am currently applying for the NROTC 3 year sideload scholarship, and I'm worried about medically qualifying. I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade, and was on medication from 3rd grade to 9th grade (14). I then went on to score on the ACT 31 twice, without medicine and without accomodation. I...
  15. USMAapp25

    Waiver Time Issue

    I am applying to the USMA, and have completely finished my application over a month ago; however, I ran into problems with a DoDMERB disqualification for ADHD. I have been off of the medication for over a year and have improved my grades while off of medication, as well as scoring a 29 ACT (for...
  16. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    This morning I was medically disqualified from West Point for ADHD. I have been off of my medication for almost a year now, have never had any additional accommodations for ADHD, have taken my ACT off medication and scored a 30, improved my GPA by .5 points off of the medication first semester...
  17. R

    ADHD Medical Waiver

    Requesting information on how to navigate the process to receive a medical waiver to enter the Naval Academy with mild ADHD treated by Concerta. Also looking for a referral to a veteran Naval psychiatrist familiar with the waiver process. Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.
  18. M

    How to apply for a ADD/ADHD waiver

    Help! My son who is a senior in HS, just got his letter stating he is required to get an administrative AMI. for D231.90. He was diagnosed ADHD in 1st grade, been on same dosage of Adderall for all these years. Goes off meds, weekends and summers - uses it as needed. He is a 4.0 student...