Adding college classes to application

Jameis WM

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Dec 13, 2016
I am being recruited to play a sport at USAFA. The coach pushed my application to the board. The board recommended Prep school due to my ACT science score. The coach told me that my accumulative USAFA application score was off by one point, if i raised my science score up 1 point, I would be represented to the board and most likely have direct entry. I am taking chemistry and a micro applications at my local community college. USAFA does not know that I am taking these college classes. My question is, could submitting these college classes raise my application score enough for direct entry? The coach said that I am right on the border of direct entry. Either way, I plan on taking the ACT again in February.
I can't answer whether or not they will raise your score enough, but I will advise that it may not be what you want.

If you are on the border, you will most definitely benefit from the extra year. I don't know anyone who regretted going to the prep school, but I know lots of recruited athletes who couldn't handle the massive work load that is an IC sport, being a freshman, and the academies academics and wished they had a little more time to adjust/prepare/mature. Some spent many semesters on Ac Pro, some ended up quitting the sport they loved, some left.

My point is, the prep school may seem at first glance like a second place trophy, but it is in fact the grand prize, you just won't know it till it's too late
Please! Do not belittle the prep school, especially if you are on the cusp, and it gets offered to you. It is a golden ticket! Your nom and appointment will be yours to lose the following year.

Check out the threads here on the prep school, and how well prepsters do at USAFA.
Look at prep school as USAFA saying "we want you, we are willing to wait for you, we will hold a spot for you, we think you need prep school to ensure you are prepared for USAFA academics, just do prep successfully, and we will feel you are ready to begin your journey to being an AF officer."