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    I submitted my candidate activities a few weeks ago and as school started, I joined more activities. Is it possible to add on to my remarks even though I submitted my Candidate Activities Record? Ive heard that people add more details in the remarks section about their extracurricular that they already checked off. Im worried that this might hurt my application because I only added a couple of details for things like "other sports"
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    Did you 'join' or are you actively participating and ideally 'leading' in some way shape or form? Pretty sure you can update your records without issue or concern, but simply 'joining' more activities is not likely to improve your resume.
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    You can update your activities record by having your HS guidance counselor sign and date the list of your additional activities and then email them to your admissions counselor.
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    I have a similar question. I completed my application early August. What would be considered a significant enough accomplishment to notify the admissions dept? People who have emailed the admissions team, how long before you receive a response?
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    It really depends, think about it this way: if you are the admissions officer, would you want to have to go through an email chain for one of your 2000 (shot in the dark) applicants about them simply signing up for a club? They want to see stuff that shows leadership, commitment, and excellence. When I went through the process last year I had to update a few things on my record and my admissions officer emailed me back in 1-2 business days usually. Just make sure that everything is clear and you are polite and professional in the email.
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    Keep in mind..every communication you have with your Admissions Officer and BGO is an opportunity for him/her to evaluate you and create an opinion or mental image of you. I am not suggesting that you don't contact Admissions/BGO with questions, but you should try to avoid questions that you could have answered yourself by reading the USNA website or other official sources. In addition , you don't want to appear "needy" or "insecure", pestering them repetitive questions or "how am I doing", "when will I hear" etc. Supplementing your application is fine, but try to keep it limited to material factors.

    Your Regional Coordinator has thousands of applicants, and probably hundreds of emails a day, your BGO has fewer applicants, but also has a real job (and many deal with 100's of emails) so response rates may vary, and may depend upon how important/relevant they deem the inquiry or if they have spend time to determine the answer to your inquiry.

    I am not in anyway discouraging anyone from contacting Admissions or your BGO. Just keep in mind that every communication is a reflection of stated above, keep it clear, concise, polite, professional.....and relevant.