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  • Hi...I saw that you were from Ohio...just wanted to know what area...I'm still waiting of the SS acceptance/rejection letter, so I'm kinda antsy...haha

    I'm from Congressional District 5 Norwalk area.
    Hi Falconchic88. Saw your post and thought I would introduce myself. We are in Northern Dayton area. DS just received his Moc nom this week. He attended Nass as well. Loved it. DS interviewed with all three MOC's and was told that this was the most competitive year ever. Yikes. We are holding our breath as well. DS is triple Q'd. Could be a long wait. Congrats to your son. Hope we get to meet up in June. Best wishes.
    By The way...your post describing the BFE made me tear up...I can only sense the excitement in your home on that day!! AWESOME!!! Such a GLORIOUS moment for all of you!! :)
    Hi Julie...yes...my son did attend the NASS...we are waiting, and waiting...and YES...Browns office told us the same thing...they had so many nomination applications that they turned away over 1/2! Son has no LOA...he did get all 3 interview appointments though...he is a 4.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale...will graduate 1st in his class-varsity letter athlete (X2 Sports), 2 sport team captains, tons of leadership roles and extra curriculars, president of two clubs...one being National Honor Society...his BGO said he has one of the STRONGEST packets he has seen come out of our area in 12 years! So, we are proud of him regardless of the outcome of all of this...we are waiting for the BFE...as you say...LOL!! so happy your son's wait is over...you must be so relieved...keep us in your thoughts and prayers...maybe in July our sons will be classmates...maybe we will meet on I DAY!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
    My other reply had to be shortened so this was the rest--
    Its a great sign that your son is 3qd, and that he got offered interviews--Browns office told me their apps were doubled this year, over 400 from just over 200 last year, and the competion is really keen! I am sure he'll have no trouble securing a Nom, and his appointment will follow quickly. Its all very exciting and nerve racking at the same time! I'll keep you in my prayers! Did your son go to NASS?
    Talk to you soon!
    Hi Harmi--
    Thank You. BFE is Big Fat Envelope. He had gotten one the week before from USAFA, but it was a psyche, because it was just a catalogue, then when we got this, my husband thought it was just a catalogue from Navy--he opened it up and saw this nice blue binder and certificate, then he started reading the letter with it and started trembling. We taped it back up so you couldn't tell we'd opened it and put it in my son's pile of mail like usual. He came home and was like whats this, we tried to be nonchalant and play it off. SO he opened it and was like, what is this? THen he started crying and we started crying, then we all went out to dinner to celebrate! He had a Presidential Nomination because my husband is still on Active Duty.
    CONGRATS on your son's appointment!! Waht did it mean in your post BFE from the Academy? Did he already recieve an nomination? How exciting!! We have not heard anyhting..and like you were, I am worried, my son never gets on this froum...so he is sheilded from allof the stress on here...Thank Goodness!! We did have an officer from Annapolis visit our home in August...son was notified by letter he is Scholastically qualified, BGO told us he is 3Q'd, but nothing else from Academy...he has been granted 3 nomination interviews out of three requests...so we will keep our fingers crossed...in the meantime...CONGRATS to your son,,,(and you!!LOL!!) By the way...we are from the Northeast Ohio region...
    Hi! We are from the Cinci area. Son had Brown's interview here in Cinci-thankfully, only about 15 mins away! Son does Voinovich on the 21st in Columbus.
    Hi...saw that you are from OHIO...my son had an interview in Cleveland on Halloween...was that the one your son was at? We also are scheduled for Voinovich on the 7th....what part of OHIO are you from?
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