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    Last year in our district the USMA appointee arrived for R-day with an injury and was sent home with the assurance that as long as the injury healed he/she would be appointed again this year. Since the candidate cadet is now healthy, does USMA still need to make another appointment in our district this year, or might they just state last year's district winner as the winner again this year and not appoint another candidate. No cadet was chosen to fill in for the spot last year due to the injury not being declared till R-day.
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    Stories like that make me crazy!! That and the gal who decided in the parking lot that she didn't really want to go...but didn't call West Point...and they found out later because the mom posted it on facebook. Do your best not to keep someone else out who would like to be there. (rant over)
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    That candidate would still have to get a nomination and depended on the nomination source that candidate can be charged to your district (I am pretty sure it was a conditional offer to include getting nomination).

    So if that candidate got a nomination from your district, that candidate can be charged to your district . How many Congressional appointments your district make depends on the number of vacancies and how many vacancies your Congressman wants to fill. A district could have multiple appointments, but any appointment beyound Congressional will be charged to another nomination source. If your Congressman gave the candidate that was sent home a nomination, your Congressman gave West Point an option to fill a vacancy in the district with the candidate that was sent home and get charged for it.
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    I think if you get in you should be granted an appointment if you are injured before r-day. Those who quit on R-Day are usually those whose parents made them go or didn't really do their research. But injury shouldn't mean redoing to process.

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