ADHD and anxiety


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Mar 17, 2017
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me any information as far as getting a waiver for anxiety and ADHD go. I would like to commission, however , my medical records shows a history of anxiety and ADHD. I was on adderall for 1 year and have been off of it for 6 months. I am currently in graduate school and have a 4.0, am an academic mentor, and have a recommendation from my boss about my work progress. I am more concerned about being diagnosed with anxiety. My doctor has cleared me and says that I no longer show symptoms of anxiety, however, it is still on my medical records. I understand that I have to wait 2 years until I can even be considered for a waiver. Has anyone ever received a waiver for anxiety after the 2 year wait?
With a college degree in hand, since you are in grad school, I assume you are thinking about OCS or OTS? Or a direct commission into an officer staff community?

DODMERB Qs or DQs applicants for military service. The service itself, depending on what program is being applied for, determines whether it is waiverable per their current policy, and whether they will waive. The Services differ on this. Inside each service, there are differences.

Here is the basic pub, which I think, but am not certain, is the current one:
If you were previously diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder, you will be DQed by DODMERB. As far as a waiver, I have never heard of one being given, however that doesn't mean one hasn't been approved.

To get a waiver for ADHD, you have to be off the meds for at least 12 months, and doing well academically without an IEP or accommodations.