ADHD Diagnosis and Medication


Jul 13, 2018
I am an MSIV in Army ROTC that still needs to attend camp as I was unable to attend over the summer due to an injury. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. My PMS recently submitted a packet for a medical determination due to the ADHD diagnosis. What is likely to happen to me? Also, will the timeline for a decision be sped up because I still need to attend camp? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
This is not a DoDMERB issue, as you already figured out. That said, regrettably, you'll have to await the recommendation from the Command Surgeon and the decision from the Brigade Commander. The decision will be based on your specific parameters.:wiggle:
Okay according to DoDI 6130.03 due the medication I am disqualified. Has anyone been in this position or know of anyone who has gone through this that can give some insight?
I've only seen this from the recruiting (Navy) perspective where individuals on Adderall with ADHD diagnosis were precluded from joining. For those with the diagnosis temporarily, in their past, they could get a waiver -- but current medication was a stop.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I suspect you'll be disenrolled, though you never know. Things could have changed since 2013-2015.