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    I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young kid (7-8), took a variety of medication on and off until my freshman year of high school, when I decided it wasn't helping and cut it out completely. Come my sophomore year (2012) of college, I decided to renew my script, however, seeing how people used (or rather abused it) at my college, I decided against getting it filled and still haven't taken any form of dosage since I was 14. Through college, I kept my grades up the entire time, which, ironically were SIGNIFICANTLY better than anytime I had take medication growing up. I am presently applying for a second degree/masters program and plan on participating in AROTC, hopefully to join the military upon graduation- I'll be starting school again in the Fall of 2015.

    My question is, since I haven't taken any form of medication or had any other of the other DQ-able factors (no accommodations, kept up grades, etc), will this be an issue with DODMERB? Do I need to go into my doctor and OFFICIALLY get "unprescribed", even though it's been 2 plus years since the last prescription and close to a decade since I've taken anything?
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    The fact that you have you such medications up until very recently may present an issue. I do not know if calling DODMERB is an option. It might be good to go to a psychiatrist and get reevaluated and perhaps he could say you never had this diagnosis. I do know that children are sometimes given such a diagnosis when it may not even be justified. For instance in school, some teachers are quick to say behavioral children need these medications because they have ADHD when they really just need some discipline or some guidance or something to channel their energy. But again, using it so recently may be a problem. Do not give up trying though
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    It's good you're continuing your education. The key is to show par or superior academic performance while NOT on medication. DODMERB will question if your level of academic success was due in part to being medicated. Prove them wrong for a few semesters to bolster your case.
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    Not an expert by any stretch but I would suggest you are also prepared for the following.

    1. Demonstrate that you have never had any accommodations (i.e. IEP, ACT/SAT exams, etc) or Section 504 Plans. May require letters from High School and College guidance counselors.

    2. Copies of all OP medical and Rx records and a written certification that the record is complete from Age 14 to present date. This is where DoDMERB will see what your prescribing physician has indicated about scrips written, weaning off the meds, etc.., regardless if a script was filled or not.

    3. A psychiatric diagnostic interview which DoDMERB may request occur after a specified date (for example, as MabryPsyD has indicated, allowing time for a history of grades without meds to be created and evaluated).

    No one this will only occur unless you have been deemed a DQ by DoDMERB and a waiver has been requested. DoDMERB will make this decision based on the information you provide on your DOD Medical Examination and submitted forms.

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    They also will expect that you are able to maintain your superior performance without accommodation, such as extra time, sitting in the front of the class, etc. I think (am not sure) USNA wants to see two years of performance without meds and accommodation; that also might vary among accession sources.

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