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Nov 9, 2007
I read that this is a disqualification- but you can get waivered over it if you demonstrate academic ability, and that you haven't taken the medication that past 12 months.

Im working on the first one, and the second one is not an issue becuase I haven't taken that nasty stuff the past 3-4 years.

What i'm wondering is do you need some sort of letter from either a doctor or a psychologist as well?

The FAA actually disqualified my 3rd class just becuase I had this in my record... even though- I assure you, i'm a normal dude with previous struggles in school. ADHD? I think not. I think its called immaturity and no interest in working on things that didn't interest me (im talking around 3 or 4 years ago... not now). No such thing as ADHD or ADD.... anyway- thats a different discussion.

I just sent the FAA a letter from my doctor so i'll see what happens with that-(becuase they requested a letter)... i'm really hoping I don't have to see a pyscologist since they will do all these tests on me... possibly brain scans i've heard (what up with that?!)....

Oh- I assure you that this is something i'm fighting for. Its not like I got the disqual for the 3rd class and left it alone... I will do anything possible to get it since no 3rd class means no pilots license, and no pilots license means no flying anything in the military- or anywhere else. And since flying anything is my lifes dream... you can guarantee it im going to work hard for it.

Am I the only kid whoes gotta deal with all this?.... its becoming too much and sort of ridiculous. Im being penalized for something that has never even been prooven and basically covers everyone in current existence (... "im not interested or I don't care about this, therefor I won't make an attempt to do well or w/e in it.") Im sure everyone here has done this- and if you havent go back to when you were like 4 years old.... Yes- they make kids take these meds... and meds mean tons of money... before anyone flames me- take into consideration that I have researched all about this and that I know multiple people who believe its a load of jargon (by people, I mean doctors and such).. and not even all pyscologists believe it.

And for the record, the meds they made me take made me worse... I felt drugged and could not pay attention for the life of me. I remember it. By my last class of the day (8th grade I think) I literally had a hard time sitting down. It was horrible.

I know the FAA has good intentions and has to deal with the safety of American airspace... but it really makes things hard for the little guy whoes trying to get a 3rd class. I takes them months to send letters back, and people don't call back or give us information we need (IE where to send letters and such). Its a huge mess. Its probably not a big deal to people who never had to deal with this but it obviously is for someone who has to. Basically- right now- I legally can not be a private pilot or anything thats requires a 3rd class med certificate.

Anyone have any experience with this or any tips?
ummm....patience? DoDMERB takes a lot of time to process their stuff. Keep in mind that yeah, your letter would take a small amount of time to deal with, but they have thousands of "small amounts of time" to deal with. This time of the year is crowded with Academy Admissions, so be patient...

I am waiting to hear from waiver authorities about my knee that got disqualified after waiting for about 2 months. I know how you feel. Your future may be at stake, but just chill....
I'm not talking about the actually academy medical examination (DODMERB?)thingy... i'm a high school class of 2009, not 2008... i'm not even a pre-candidate yet... i'm like a pre-pre-candidate :shake:

I am chilled... but- there is a sence of urgency as well. Its not something I can be patient about... i'm dealing with two seperate entities- the FAA and soon the DODMERB and in my situation they will both work together (ie... the FAA disqualified me, DODMERB will disqualify me.... or the other way around) I realize that it takes time but ofcourse its sort of an "eager to know whats going to happen" situation.

Im waiting to get a letter from the FAA regarding my medical certification too.

Why did your knee get disqualified if you don't mind me asking?
From a DoDMERB standpoint, any academic skills disorder witihn the past 12 months is disqualifying. If you haven't had any academic accomodations or taken any medication for the 12 months prior to your physical examination there should be no issues there.

From an FAA standpoint, I don't know. I haven't done or seen an FAA physical in 15 years, and I really don't know what their standards are. I can tell you that military pilots, who do not fly private/civilian aircraft do not require an FAA medical certificate.