Admission Stage


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Feb 17, 2018
Hello all,
I sent in my application on January 12th, and have been authorized to go to my DoDMERB exams (which I have scheduled for early March). From what I have read, the most qualified applicants have already gotten their appointments, and the non-qualified have been notified that they are no longer in-consideration. I have also seen that several applicants have been notified that their apps are going up for review, which I have not received.
I am assuming that I’m on the borderline, and will not hear until the last minute. Is anyone else in the same situation? Any idea on when I might find out if I’ve been accepted? I am currently enrolled in college, so I am trying to put together a time frame so I can plan for next year (especially if I do not get in). Waiting is hard! Thanks for the help.
All RA will know a decision (appointed; waitlist; denied) by April 1st. There are at least a few more rounds of appointments left in RA to come between now and end of March. Based on prior years, the last round of appointments comes near the end of March. So possibly 6 more weeks of waiting for a decision.

Everybody is still in the running until they hear otherwise.

Plan B should always be worked on as a lot more apply than there are slots for.