admissions process

  1. M

    USMA Admission Chances

    Hello there Ladies and Gents! I’m going into my senior year of high school in South Dakota this year and I have applied to the United States Military Academy at West Point. I’d like some advice on how my stats look/compare in my quest for getting an appointment. Thank you in advance for your...
  2. S

    Is there any advantage to applying to USNA early?

    Is the earlier the better?
  3. N

    Admission Stage

    Hello all, I sent in my application on January 12th, and have been authorized to go to my DoDMERB exams (which I have scheduled for early March). From what I have read, the most qualified applicants have already gotten their appointments, and the non-qualified have been notified that they are no...
  4. L

    Scheduled for Review -- RD

    I received an email stating that my application "will be forwarded to the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board in the next two weeks." Does this mean I was in one of the first waves? Also: did my application already go to my admissions officer + another officer to give the OK to send to the review...
  5. L

    Candidate Questionnaire ..?

    I am currently a junior and starting to prepare for applying to WP. On the WP admissions page they have a time line that says you should complete the CQ this before august of your senior year, or way sooner... What exactly is the CQ, what do I have to fill out for it and when should I begin it...
  6. TangoRomeo

    Dual Enrollment Complications

    Hello everyone! Just a quick question: in addition to AP classes I also take quite a few Dual Enrollment classes with the local State College; I'll be graduating Highschool with my AA complete. I just wanted to inquire if anyone has had any issues in admissions due to Dual Enrollment credits...
  7. E

    College Equivalent for Homeschoolers for Admission Criteria

    I am a 10th grade homeschooled student taking College courses. Admissions suggest 1 year each of chemistry and physics and 2 years of a foreign language. Because this applies to high school level courses, would 1 year of College level foreign language and 1 semester of college level chemistry...
  8. J

    Admissions Process

    Hey I am currently a Junior in high school and had a few questions about the admissions process for both West Point and the Naval Academy. First, if I apply before the start of my Senior year, will the colleges review information on the classes I take Senior year? Also, will they take those...