Admission status change date


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Apr 17, 2008
As we wait to find out about our alternate status on 4/30, I've watched DS's Admission Status Change Date actually change twice. What does this mean?

Remedial request was sent to him in late March (for allergy records); we responded early April. First change date was 4/14, now it shows 4/23. (But no indication of whether or not he is qualified.)

Does this mean they received the paperwork? reviewed the paperwork? got word that he's an alternate? sitting on the paperwork until he gets an offer???

Thanks in advance if anyone can help explain this mysterious process!
Son submitted waiver denial review paperwork to DoDmerb, status changed yesterday to waiver review status, changed this afternoon to waiver approved! Wishing you luck also.

Way to go!!! Time for a celebration at your house. -
There have been so many ups and downs in this whole process, it hasn't sunk in yet. All well worth it and he willl serve us proud! Maybe tomorrow: or for sure when the paperwork comes!

That's awesome news that your waiver was approved! At least your status on dodmoerb referenced your waiver. "status change date xx-xx-xx" doesn't give me any clue what it means.
Most of the time the status change date is when DoDMERB has done some sort of work on the applicants file.
Congrats to teddy's son.

Carve another notch in RetNavyHM's stethoscope. :thumb:
Congratulations Teddy!! Your perseverance is commendable!!! Our daughter just received her blue folder today. :thumb::thumb:

Wow, just yesterday I was complaining about the mysterious dodmerb process and now this morning I see that DS is finally QUALIFIED! Ahhh, patience is a virtue, but hard to keep during these times. Thanks, doc, for your calm, accurate response to my question. Now we just have to clear the wait list....
Congrats to teddy and Mom2five!!!! Yes, "patience is a virtue", and this is how many of us become so virtuous. :angel::smile:

Hi twin mom - I'm also mom to triplets (plus another) who want to follow in big brother's footsteps, so this lesson in patience has been valuable, since I'm sure we will be going through it again!
That's great for all of you - we still can't even get in to sign up for a new account. That appears to still be down - unless we are doing something wrong!
It's not just you, Katie's mom. We're there with you. Been emailing a really nice girl at Dodmerb for almost a week now trying to get the problem fixed. She is promising me IT is working on it. If you haven't emailed the "webmaster" there yet you might want to do that. They may have to set up the account for you. I think that is what they are going to have to do for us but even she hasn't been able to do that. We had an account but something got really messed up, she had to delete it and oh yay- here we are trying to get another one :eek:.

The link is on the main page of the website for the webmaster- good luck. (But Geez - how long is it going to take for them to "fix this". ):frown:

Been emailing a really nice girl at Dodmerb for almost a week now trying to get the problem fixed. She is promising me IT is working on it.

i haven't been able to create an account for 2 weeks already. i'm really surprised their IT ppl are struggling so long with this. they should just fire the company that is in charge of their website. :thumbdown: