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Jan 8, 2018
I am currently a junior and am applying to the academy next year and the AIM summer program this year. I will be a 4-year athlete in swim, cross country, and track, and am a captain of the cross country team. I compete on the national level for the technology student association winning awards at regional, state, and national conferences. I am also a member of the national honors society. I have managed to do 25+ hours of community service each year of highschool. I have a relatively high SAT score, it's a 1400 with a 730 in math and 670 in reading and a score of 7,7, and 8 on the essay. I also have managed to work a job consistently in the past year. My main concern is my GPA is kind of low, a 3.9375 weighted and 3.6875 unweighted. I would like to know what would strengthen my application to increase my chances of getting accepted.
Look into Girls State and start/maintain a good relationship with your Admissions Officer. Girls State gives you a sense of how the government works and gives you "leadership points". By introducing yourself, asking questions, etc, you seem more interested and more "human" than just another application. The AOs brief the admissions board on each applicant and if they know you, it's that much better.
Good job Annag8409. That's a good first try. Suggest you take ACT as well and see which you test better. Your stats, numbers only, looks like CGA's Early Action Average for the entering class of 2018. That means you are in 50%. You have plenty of time to improve your test score so keep practicing. Generally you want to be above the average to above 25% or better in standing to feel more sure of your testing, ranking and GPA. So work on test scores to above SAT V750, M750 or ACT E32, M32. However, even with these figures, candidates get turned down so work on your overall package. I would think your numbers meet most SA summer threshold. But don't quote me on it since it is subject to supply and demand and admissions seeking diverse pool of applicants from around the country. Good luck and enjoy the summer!

See Objee's input. He looks like someone from USCGA Admissions. The thread was from December 24, 2017.

Early Action for the Class of 2022 was completed yesterday and the final group of decision letters was posted last night. For those who may not be familiar with our selection process, we conduct a thorough holistic review of every record and it's not unusual for up to six faculty and/or Admissions staff members to have read an application before a final decision is made by our Director of Admissions. We release decisions as soon as they're finalized, but the process always takes two or three weeks and could take a month or longer if a record needs to be reviewed for our CGAS (Prep School) Program after it has initially been reviewed for direct appointment. Congratulations to those receiving appointments and I would encourage anyone who did not to contact their Admissions Officer in April/May for guidance on reapplying to the Class of 2023 should they remain interested in attending the Coast Guard Academy.
These Early Action statistics have been approved for release and we're looking forward to bringing in another great class!

834 Applicants
189 Appointments
39 CGAS Appointments

Of the 189 appointments to the Class of 2022...

49% AIM Graduates
Average ACT Scores: 32 E 31 M 8 W
Average SAT Scores: 675 ERW 710 M 6 W (from Essay)
Average HS Rank: 13% (includes reported and calculated HSRs)
Average GPA: 3.83 (unweighted GPAs converted to a 4.00 scale)
Average PFE Score: 222

43 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are represented in addition to U.S. citizens living in Ecuador and Jordan