1. T

    Am I Competitive Enough Thus Far To Get Into The USAFA?

    Hello all, I am in my junior year in a Co-Op (homeschool) high school. I am holding a 3.75 GPA and will hopefully like to get that up to a 3.8 or 4.0. I would love to go to the USAFA and study Cyber Science as my degree and am passionate about commissioning and becoming an officer in the USAF...
  2. birdwatcher4125

    Boys State vs SLCDA, which one is more important to Academy Admissions if you could only attend one of them?

    If a USNA candidate were to apply to Boys State and SLCDA, and he were fortunate enough to be offered a spot at both programs, but they both happen to be held during the same week so that he could only attend one of them, which one should he choose? We know that all of the service academies...
  3. 2

    Processing Time for SAT Scores?

    I took the August 24 SAT administration and the score send says "Fulfilled" as of 9/11/2019. However, when I logged into my USNA portal to check receipt on their end, it says "Not received." I'm sure that they will get to my scores eventually, but does anyone know how long it takes for USNA to...
  4. E

    Military Recommendation Question

    As an active duty sailor, I have a question regarding the Military Recommendations. The application states, "Please enter the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address of the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year for whom you want to fill out the USNA Military Recommendation 1...
  5. E

    How to Send an Email to a Chief Petty Officer Who is My Admissions Counselor

    I am currently active duty enlisted in the Navy. As such, my application process is different. My Admissions Counselor is currently a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I have never sent an email before to a Chief in the Navy. Does anybody have advice as to how the official format might be when...
  6. P

    Any tips on what I should work to improve on?

    GPA - 3.9/4.33 (Taken or will take "hard" AP's before graduation such as Chem, Physics 1, Physics C, Calculus, Psych, United States History, Environmental Science, Human Geography) Act - 33 super score (32 Math/English/Reading, 35 Science, 8 writing) Wrestling JV - 10th grade V- 11th, 12th...
  7. USMA2025Cadet

    Seeking Connections

    I am currently a very dedicated Sophomore in High School with a dream to attend USMA, but overall I want to serve my country as an Officer in the Army while working in Intelligence and National Security. I was wondering what the best way would be to try and establish those strong connections I...
  8. S

    Devil Pups

    I attended a Marine Corps leadership program in Camp Pendleton last summer which was a life changing experience for me which initially interested me in serving and the Naval Academy. The program is not well known at all which worries me because I am afraid the admissions board will just write it...
  9. Honey_Badger

    AMA - Accepted Soldier Candidate | Admin Kit Complete

    Ask Me Anything. I'm a Soldier Candidate (MN ARNG) for the Class of 2023, and as of today my admin kit is complete (besides the Initial Deposit and Computer/Tablet Preference). I've balanced full-time college and part-time/full-time work (most recently as a National Guard Title 32 Technician). I...
  10. I

    To everyone that is CPR and waiting

    Be patient. I am in the same boat and the wait is killing me too, but once you realize that if you want the academy you have an equal chance as everyone else. It might not be this year but if the Academy is the goal then if you try hard enough you will get it. Admissions knows best and are...
  11. S

    Timeframe for Admissions Decision

    Hello, I am applying to USNA class of 2023. I finished my application very early back in October. Unfortunately the rep in my district and my senators have a later nomination period. I received nominations from my rep and a senator late last year. Both of the nominations showed up on my portal...
  12. U

    USMMA Waiver Process

    I understand this subject involves DoDMERB, but my question is more pertaining to the USMMA. I am a current applicant to the academy, and I have been medically disqualified by DoDMERB for a condition I never had. DoDMERB has recently informed me that they are finally reconsidering their...
  13. P

    Standardized Test Score Question

    So I am currently a community college student studying engineering, and am doing well with my courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership experiences. However, my SAT and ACT scores are not good (24 composite ACT, 1180 SAT). Obviously, I need to retake these tests and score as high as I...
  14. N

    Corrective eye surgery questions

    Does anybody know if the U.S. Naval Academy allows prior corective eye surgery like PRK or LASIK? If so, do they require waivers? Are they hard to get? Can I become a pilot with it?
  15. P

    NAPS Question

    I understand that if you are not admitted into the U.S. Naval Academy, you are automatically considered for an appointment to NAPS. My question is this: If you would receive admission into USNA, but cannot secure a Congressional Nomination, are you still considered for NAPS? If you are admitted...
  16. P

    Letter of Recommendation Question

    I understand that I will need a letter of recommendation from an English instructor. However, as a community college student, I have not had an English class in a while (I tested out of English a while ago). I understand that instead, the letter of recommendation may come from another Humanities...
  17. P

    Plebe Class Prep

    So I know that USNA prefers that people who apply after graduating from high school have university college experience. However, I am only able to afford classes at community college. What is the general stance on community college candidates? I have tried my best to take a community college...
  18. sophieee

    USNA Admissions

    Hi, I’m new here:) I’m applying for USNA for class of 2023. My ACT score just came out and I wasn’t sure if I should send my ACT or SAT score. ACT SUPERSCORED: English:34 Math:30 Reading:30 Science:33 SAT: Reading: 680 Math: 740 I know that this isn’t the best score and I could take another...
  19. tonyyanks2

    USMA Asthma

    Hi, I was wondering how Asthma affects the admissions process. Will it hold me back? Do they have different policies if it was a childhood issue? Is exercise induced Asthma handled differently? Thanks, Tony
  20. A

    What are my chances of acceptance into VMI?

    Starting my senior year in August, so I'm applying this summer, and I wanted some opinions on my chances of acceptance. Thanks. Academics: GPA: 3.4 (Unweighted) 3.71 (Weighted) ACT: 27 Composite Extracurricular: JROTC: Freshmen - Senior year Squad leader, platoon...