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Mar 26, 2008

Does the Admissions board meet in December?

Yes it does, but I am sure it won't be meeting anymore this yr. They shut down when the cadets go for break
Do you know when they will meet again and how often they do meet to review files?
They will meet again when the AFA returns. Your file is reviewed one time and assigned points. When you update the file only that portion will be reviewd again, i.e. got a varsiy letter, they reassign points to the EC and give you a new score, got new SAT scores than that gets a re-look, but they don't go back into areas that is unaffected. This is why it is important to update your file. That rise in your SAT by 30 pts could be the difference of gettiing accepted or not.
Is it safe to assume the counselors are gone for the break also? I wasn't able to get a hold of mine
My file was just updated today online. I don't think that they are gone quite yet. Maybe today was their last day?
my file online no longer has the "appointment status" section... it used to say "Appointment Status: Letter of Assurance", but now it just says application complete and its date of completion. I was given an LOA in Nov, and recieved my nom the second of Dec... does anyone know what the removal of "appointment status" means?
the same thing happened to me. since you have a nom and an LOA it means you should be receiving your offer of appointment soon. its just how the admissions office works...I found my appointment in the mail a week or two after that. in this case because of Christmas and new years it might take a bit longer for usps to deliver it. don't worry though because no matter what (barring some stupid accident) you are in:thumb:
that happened to mine too.. it was kinda weird that that happened cuz that seems like a demotion, but about 2 weeks later my appointment came in the mail so just hang in there