Admissions Chances


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Jun 18, 2020
Hello! I am a rising senior applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA, and ROTC for all three branches this fall. I was hoping to get some advice on where I can touch up to improve my chances of receiving an appointment. Thank you!

- 4.0 unweighted GPA (rounds up from 3.97, one B freshman year, otherwise all A's)
- 4.7/5.0 weighted GPA
- 11 AP classes, including BC Calculus, Chemistry, Physics 2, US History, all A's
- Rank 1/246 as of end of junior year
- 36 composite ACT score
- Dual enrollment with state charter school to take higher level math classes

- Captain of academic competition team, won our championship 3 years in a row
- Captain of two smaller academic teams
- Member of several other clubs all through high school, won a couple competitions at the state level
- Ran cross country and both seasons of track all 3 years, except for XC this year due to an injury that is now totally resolve
- Church youth group member, we have gone on two mission trips since I have been in high school

I did not participate in JROTC even though it was an option, which some people have told me could possibly hurt my chances.
Also, I intend to obtain a pilot's license by the end of this calendar year.

Thanks again!


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Oct 21, 2010
Lacking JROTC will do you no harm. You certainly seem strong academically. I don't see how you can improve athletically at this point. One can always improve leadership. Seek out additional opportunities. Captain of your athletic teams seems like it could be an opportunity. Is student body President still available? What about leadership in those clubs you're a member of? Don't chase them all. Think strategically. What can you handle and still keep up (most) activities and grades. BTW, for ECs, quality is better than quantity. Just one man's two cents. Good luck.


Jun 27, 2020
I would try and letter in xcc or track or even get that captain's position _ Everything else seems very strong! Do you have any community service?