Advice for an Incoming High School Sophomore?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by HSClassof2017, Jun 3, 2014.

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    May 31, 2014
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    I am from Kentucky. I go to a private school with renowned academics. The school is a National Blue Ribbon school and 98% of students attend college upon graduation. I recently finished my freshman year of high school and it is my dream to attend USMA. If anyone could provide me with feedback and suggestions on how to become more competitive for USMA acceptance, it would be greatly appreciated!

    -I am very athletic, I would have no issues on the physical test. 1 minute pushup test I can do 68 pushups and 68 situps. I run the mile in less than 6:45

    -I have 4 year varsity letter in 2 sports. I was a varsity athlete as a freshman in both football and lacrosse.

    -2014 Lacrosse State Champion. (Freshman Year)

    -3.71 GPA, unweighted (Unaware of my class rank) 94.3 Average

    -Elected Representative of Latin Club

    -Elected Representative of Student Council

    -Elected School House Representative

    -Elected Representative on the Honor Council

    -I take all honors classes, AP World History as sophomore

    I think I can be a team captain in football and lacrosse. Also, I am considering playing sports at USMA.(I don't know if that would change chance of acceptance)

    If anyone knows how competitive I am for acceptance at USMA, please tell me. Any feedback on what I can improve on? I will try to attend Boys State and other leadership seminars.
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    Closing this as you posted virtually the same post a couple of days ago.
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