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    Hi, last year I applied to my congressman's office and was hoping to receive a nomination to the naval academy, but instead received a nomination to the merchant marine academy. Unfortunately, I didn't think much of the nomination to the merchant marine academy and decided to turn it down, since I had wanted the naval nomination since the beginning of high school. Now I'm in a regular in-state school here in georgia and realize that the merchant marine academy would have been a great option for me. The lifestyle at this regular civilian school just doesn't fit me. Now I'm wondering since I'm already into my first semester at this college, but have a desire to attend the merchant marine academy, is my nomination still valid or do I have to re-apply to my congressman's office again? If the nomination is still valid, is there anyway I could transfer out this semester? If you were in my position, what would you suggest? - Many Thanks!
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    You must begin the process all over again. You must apply to the nominating source and to the academy. Time is running out; most GA MOCs have October deadlines for applications. Check their websites.

    All of the academies begin with some sort of summer cannot transfer into them during the middle of the year.
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    advice please


    In addition - please contact as soon as possible (today) the US Merchant Marine Academy Admissions Office (let me know if you need a point of contact/email) They would be pleased to know of your interest.

    I wish you well through this process!


    Roy "Fuji" Fulgueras
    Director of Admissions
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    FAX 508-830-5077

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