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    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. I am currently a high school junior applying for the co2021. I have also applied for SLE but have not heard back yet, probably because my test scores were low when I first applied. Could the experienced eyes of this forum tell me what I am missing and what I need to work on for my application to West Point. I am sorry for any formatting issues as I am on mobile. My stats are below:

    - GPA: 3.68 unweighted, 4.00 weighted

    - My GPA is low because I made mistakes my freshman year however, I have been a straight A student since I transferred schools between 9th and 10th grade

    - My school does not rank and it does not have AP's, however we have classes similar to them called Honors seminar. I am currently taking 3 of them and will be taking more next year

    - Will be taking either Multivariable calculus or differential equations (highest math offered) next year. However, if I take differential I will need to take a summer online college course in Multivariable.

    Test scores:
    - first time SAT

    - Second time SAT

    - Will be taking the ACT since the old SAT is gone and I did not do well on the new PSAT which was supposedly based on the new SAT


    - Boy Scout: currently a life scout and the leave no trace trainer for the troop. I am working on my Eagle Project. Should get Eagle by April-May

    - Police Explorer. A program that takes high school and college students and teaches them law enforcement skills. (I could be an officer in the post by August)

    - Member of my school's Computer science team (will probably be captain next year)

    - National honor society

    - Currently applying for Boys State. I have talked to my local American Legion post and they have said that I am most likely going.

    - Member of my city's youth council. I will be running for a leadership position in the council this year but there's no way of knowing if i'll receive it

    - Worked at Publix from 9th grade to 10th grade as a bagger

    - Volunteer hours: ~100-125

    - two years on the swim team
    - One varsity letter
    - Made it to regional champs this season and might make it to states next season
    - My times are not good enough to be recruited though

    About me:
    - first generation American
    - Cambodian male (I don't know if I can be considered an under-represented minority)
    - My mother survived the genocides that occurred there and my father had already made it to the US at the time. It is why I am grateful to this country for essentially saving both of my parents and is also part of the reason why I want to serve.

    Thank you to all of you. Any helpful advice is appreciated and

    Go Army, Beat Navy.
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    Nice job on raising those SAT scores!!! Take it again!

    Would there be any chance you'll be swim team captain next year? Stick with it and get the best scores you can there.

    Are you no longer a bagger at Publix? What did you replace that job with?
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    Yes, you really brought that SAT up - nice job! While nobody on this forum can really tell you if you'll make it, you do look solid. If you haven't yet, start practicing for the CFA.

    Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best!
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    Great work! Try to run for an office of NHS. Definitely take ACT but you did a great job improving the SAT scores. Since you are taking such advanced courses in Math you might do better on ACT anyhow. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for answering fencersmother.

    To answer your questions, no, there's no chance of me being swim captain as neither my schools swim team nor my club swim time has captains. Also, I didn't necessarily replace the job at Publix. Instead I dedicated the resulting free time to my other EC's and my swimming.

    To everyone else that replied: Thank you so much for the encouraging words and advice.

    Go Army, Beat Navy!
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    An update.

    I have been chosen as a delegate for Boys State and have just accepted an offer for SLE.

    Go Army! Beat Navy!
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