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    Hey everyone,
    According to the postcard I got from the USAFA in the mail today, my file is complete (although I think it has been since around October 5th) Now that LOAs are starting to go out I'm beginning to worry a little about my file and being one of those 4.0 GPA kids who doesn't get in. I know that it's just LOAs and I shouldn't be worried, but I've read the posts from applicants with AMAZING academics who didn't even get an appointment in March because they're lacking in other areas. I'll try to describe my stats as best as I can for you at this point.

    GPA: 4.0
    Class Rank: 1/48 (at a really competitive charter school)
    APs: World History (4) Language (4) Chemistry (4) Literature (3) US History (No test yet) Calculus (No test yet)
    English: 35
    Math: 30
    Reading: 33
    Science: 27

    Baseball: 9th Grade (So no sports on academy app)
    Civil Air Patrol: 9-12th (1st Lt, Cadet Commander for a year)
    Youth Group: 9-12th
    Mock Trial: 9-12
    Part-Time Job: 10,12th
    High School Band: 9-12th
    Camp Counselor: 9-12th

    DODMERB: Qualified
    CFA: BBall Throw: 47
    Pull-Ups: 11
    Shuttle Run: 7.9
    Sit Ups: 95
    Push Ups: 62
    One Mile Run: 7:57

    Now that that's all out... I'm worried that I'll miss the 3Q because of my athletic record. My academic schedule is insane so I have had little time for sports and my CFA was not the best either. So here's my question. What should I do to improve my application? I would try to do a school sport, but I know that I would have to drop a few extracurriculars to do that and my grades could suffer. Is it worth the risk? I think the academy would rather see me keep on track for being valedictorian than drop a few of the activities I've been consistent with for a long time, not to mention having less homework time. Any suggestions? This seems like it's going to be a problem in my admissions process. Thanks in advance.
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    Okay....from an OLD advice??

    BREATHE....yes, good....BREATHE... :wink:

    And relax. Seriously, relax!

    Okay, while I know you think this is the biggest thing in your life (and having been there, done that, I DO understand) it really isn't.

    You have an outstanding record!!! Seriously!!! And so do several thousand other young men and women throughout the USA with the same goal you have. So what that means is...WHO KNOWS?

    I have two candidates right now..."on paper" they are the finest I've ever had! Their numbers are simply stunning! Both came within 20 points of maxing the SAT, etc...etc...

    And NEITHER of them has an LOA.

    The LOA has been talked "up" and "revered" on this forum for the entire time I've been here...and I have to tell you, they're NOT that common! This forum sees more than most because we're very focused with ONLY USAFA folks here and they're from around the country so we will see them. But in the percentages nationally, LOA's are NOT common.

    My advice...aside from "relax, enjoy your senior year, keep plugging away, work on the backup plan, etc...etc..." is...

    Well, that's what it is. YOU HAVE DONE YOUR PART!!! Now the "powers that be" are in charge and they will make the decisions; and those decisions might happen this week, this month, or in March 2010. There's no telling.

    Look yourself in the mirror and ask this question: HAVE I DONE ALL THAT I CAN, GIVEN IT MY BEST EFFORT, and AM I SATISFIED WITH WHAT I HAVE DONE?"

    If the answer is YES, then smile, and enjoy the wait! If the answer is NO, then correct that which caused you to say NO.

    Hey...whatever is meant to be WILL be. I was rejected by: USMA/USAFA/USNA/USCGA/USMMA in 1978. In 1979 I was appointed to USAFA/USNA/USMA/USMMA...I was an alternate to USCGA (they're TOUGH!)

    Keep the faith!

    USAFA '83
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    I agree with Flieger's post.

    chillax, your stats look fine. Don't get too worried about it.

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