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    A lot of posts have been coming down regarding Summer Field Training at Maxwell.

    This is not a thread about getting a slot for SFT. It is about what to expect when you get it.

    I am doing this because there will always be cadets that attend school too far away from home without a car.

    1. Get your medical records in order

    ~~~You will be required to give a current shot record and general physical, including vision and hearing.
    * Check now with your school if the health clinic can perform this.
    * Check your shot records, to make sure you have the menococcal shot, Hep shot, tetanus and swine flue.

    2. Get prepared for their "big list"

    ~~~ There will be a bag drag and you will get a grade for it.
    * ALL T's, socks, shirts, etc will be required to be marked with their 1st letter of their last name and their last 4 SS using a laundry marker...laundry markers are not the easiest thing to be found.

    Best to send them back to school with it in case they get selected instead of running around trying to find one and shipping it priority,

    3. They always want duplicates

    ~~~2 razors, 2 shampoos, 2 bars of soap, sun block, etc.

    * That also includes eye glasses! If you wear eye glasses go and get a second pr now.

    4. They will issue you more uniforms, including Blues.

    ~~~These will not be hemmed, thus, if you do not know of an alteration shop near the campus, search them out ASAP.

    5. They will request things like:

    1 inch blue binder...don't buy a black binder thinking that is just as good or buy a 1 1/2 in. When they say blue binder 1" they mean blue binder 1".

    Same with pens and pencils!

    If they say 4 blue pens, they mean 4 blue pens.

    LY our DS was informed with every other cadet of being selected 2 weeks prior to the bag drag.

    The list is very specific even down to the size of zip lock baggies.

    When they are selected and after the bag drag there are certain tips that will make their life easier.

    1. Buy Moleskin for them to wear with their boots
    2. Get Large ziplock baggies to put their shirts in...this will reduce the amount of wrinkling.
    3. Put personal hygiene products in zip locks so if they break they will not get on anything.

    4. MOST not open the Orders. Curiosity in this scenario will kill the cat! The cadet must hand their orders over to Maxwell SEALED!

    Good luck...and remember it may s*ck for those few weeks, but nobody has ever died!

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